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The Indian government is looking to save an estimated amount of Rs 35,000 crore annually by turning government and commercial buildings energy efficient over the next few years. The power ministry has plans to channel the saved electricity to energise irrigation pumps and light up homes in the country's outbacks.

The Centre aims to achieve the goal through the Energy Conservation Building Code-2017-- formulated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the ministry and is currently using Energy Efficiency Services Lts to promote the use of energy-efficient appliances, Times of India reported.

According to government estimates, retrofitting existing buildings with energy efficient lights and appliances will help save approximately 30-40 billion units per year. 

"How much electricity does a poor household with a fan, a few lights — and maybe we can give them a cooler — need every month? Maybe 30-40 units? Now do your math. Just imagine how many poor households can be powered free of cost; how many farmers can be given free power for their pumps from the savings," Piyush Goyal, the Union Minister for Power, Coal, Renewable and Mines said, after releasing the energy code on Monday.

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The government's plan to design new buildings in alignment with the energy code is expected to result in the reduction of additional 300 billion units in power consumption every year by 2030 and will, in turn, mitigate the carbon footprint by 250 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually.

Data states that India consumes around  1,100 billion units of electricity every year, of which, residential and commercial buildings use around 37 percent.