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Incensed by the rising crime rate against women in India, three youths have come up with an innovative mobile app to help women raise alert by a simple touch of a button on their smartphones.

Android software developer Gunwant Battashe (23), engineer Anup Unnikrishanan (24) and graphic designer Jayesh Bankar (23) told reporters that their newly-developed 'Me against rape' software application can be downloaded on Android smartphones free of cost, reported PTI.

Enraged by the recent Delhi rape incident, the three youths created the 'Me against Rape' application within two weeks. One of the developers Battashe said," We saw a candlelight march in support of the Delhi rape victim and felt that something more concrete was needed," reported DNA.

Main features of Android-based 'Me against Rape' app are:

Location log: Once an alarm is raised, the app will send location based alerts every 10 minutes to specific number of contact numbers. The app uses Google Maps to pin-point the location.

Spy Record: This amazing feature lets the smartphone secretly record the entire incident so that it can be used as legal evidence.

Describing the spy-record feature, app developer Unnikrishanan said that these recordings will become "direct evidence against miscreants" in cases of eve-teasing.

In the wake of the Delhi-gang-rape incident last month, many have become paranoid about the safety of women folk in the country. Mobile app designer Bankar was also concerned about his sister.

"It was my sister's safety that motivated me to work on this application. Now, I know where she is and if she needs me," he said.

The application was reportedly demonstrated to Nashik police commissioner, Kulwant Kumar Sarangal. He in turn appreciated the youths' efforts in developing the novel mobile application.