An automobile engineering student invented an alarm clock that emits small electrical shocks.

The 19-year-old inventor, Sankalp Sinha, developed the alarm in such a way that on pressing the aluminium-coated snooze button of the clock small micro-volts of electric current will be administered to a person's body.

The device has an inbuilt music player and speakers. In addition, it has an MMC slot and supports up to 32GB memory. The alarm clock also has a touchscreen interface and is illuminated by LEDs on the sides. Another specification is that the intensity of electric shock can also be adjusted by the owner. 

According to Daily Mail, the idea of developing an alarm clock which shocks the owner came up after Sinha found himself pressing the snooze button repeatedly and falling asleep again. Subsequently, he designed the shock alarm model that forced him out of the bed.

Sinha, who is presently a student at Sharda University in Uttar Pradesh, said that the power generated was very low, i.e a fraction of the 50,000 volts emitted by a standard police Taser gun.

"The shock it administers is harmless but is enough to energise you!" Sinha said.

Christening his invention as 'Good Morning Sing N Shock', Sinha hopes the production of the alarm clock will start soon and assures that even the deepest sleeper will wake up quickly.

Sinha has been approached by various manufactures for mass production of the alarm clock and expects to sell it for over ₹5000.