tooth extraction
A team of Mumbai doctors took nearly six-hours to remove 232 teeth from boy's mouth(Representational image) Alex Barth/Flickr

A 17-year-old Indian boy is all set to create a Gunnies World Record for getting removed 232 teeth from his mouth. A team of Mumbai doctors took nearly six-hours to remove all of them.

Ashik Gavai from Buldhana in Maharashtra had a swollen face when he sought the help of dentists at the J.J. Hospital in Mumbai, in the second week of July.

During medical examinations, doctors detected an abnormal growth in the second molar on the lower right side of the boy's jaw, Indiatimes reported.

However, Dr Vandana Thorawade and her dental team got a clear picture of the situation only when they operated him on 21 July. During the procedure, the doctors had to use a chisel and hammer to remove a hard formation inside the tooth. They were literally surprised to find out hundreds of small teeth in the abnormal molar.

Doctors said that the boy was suffering from a rare medical condition called composite odontoma. "Ashik's malaise was diagnosed as a complex composite odontoma where a single gum forms lots of teeth. It's a sort of benign tumour," Dr Sunanda Dhiware, head of dental department at JJ Hospital, told BBC.

"At first, we couldn't cut it out, so we had to use the basic chisel and hammer to take it out. Once we opened it, little pearl-like teeth started coming out, one-by-one. Initially, we were collecting them, they were really like small white pearls. But then we started to get tired. We counted 232 teeth."

The swelling first appeared about 18 months ago, but the condition remained unrevealed as the local doctors failed in identifying the actual culprit.

Doctors said that the boy sought medical help at the right time or there was a chance of his jaw bone getting damaged.

Terming the case as a medical wonder, doctors said that it is one of the rare incidents they have come across in their medical life, Mumbai Mirror reported. "According to medical literature available on this condition, the condition has been known to be found in the upper jaw and a maximum of 25 teeth have been extracted from the tumour. But in Ashiq's case, the tumour was deep in the lower jaw and we removed more than 232 teeth," Dr Dhiware, told the tabloid. 

Though the problem has been solved for the moment, she said that the probability of recurrence is relatively high. The hospital also revealed its plans to recommend the case to the Guinness World Record.