The Indian Army has inducted the Engineer Mine Plough (EMP), indigenously manufactured by Larsen & Toubro Limited, commonly known as L&T. This system will help the Armoured Columns in effective Minefield clearance, thereby maintaining momentum on the battlefield.

Engineering Mine Plough - Installed on MBT
Engineering Mine Plough - Installed on MBTL&T Website

The method of removing land mines from an area is demining or mine clearance. The goal of military operations is to clear a path across a minefield quickly, and this is mostly achieved with equipment such as mine ploughs and blast waves.


The Engineer Mine Plough has been built by L&T. Mounted on a T-90 S/SK Main Battle Tank, this hydro-mechanical / electrical device easily clears mines, clearing a secure channel for vehicles to pursue.

EMP removes mines without detonating them

The system is controlled by the driver from inside the tank. It is made of high-strength steel that can tolerate high operations of ploughing loads and is within the 2400 Kg weight limit. Plough extensions are installed in the machine. The EMP can clear the tank's path of mines while in the working (ploughing) role by casting them into the outer tread of the ploughs, without detonating them during removal.

Arjun Tank
EMP installed at the front of Arjun TanksCredit:Twitter (Narendra Modi)

Here are the main features of the EMP

  • Quick deployment from transportation to ploughing mode
  • Compact and Modular design
  • Tread way blade type
  • Fully operated from inside the tank
  • Suitable for Hard loamy soil & loose sand
  • Equipped with Anti Bottom Mine Sweeping Device (AMSD)
  • Jettison capability
  • Manual lifting of plough safety provision
  • Tank functionality not affected