The dream of the Indian Airlines pilots to fly the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner will not come true, as they have been asked to return home. The pilots are currently in London for training, which is supposed to start tomorrow but they will head back home soon.

The Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) consisting of over 200 pilots have challenged in the Bombay High Court today, to revoke the decision of the management to send equal number of pilots from Air India and Indian Airlines for the Dreamliner, which is expected to join the fleet next month.

The Union demanded that only Air India pilots be made to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliners, as they are more experienced than the Indian Airlines pilots. "These decisions and actions provide a windfall gain to the pilots of erstwhile Indian Airlines at the expense of the career progression prospects of the pilots of erstwhile Air India," said their letter sent to Air India CMD Rohit Nandan, Civil Aviation Minister Vayalar Ravi, the Regional Labour Commissioner, Mumbai, and other officials.

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