In a major accident on the sets on Indian 2, three were killed and 10 injured after a horrific crane crash incident on Wednesday night, February 19. The accident on the sets of the Kamal Haasan-starrer has shocked the audiences and the makers of the film, who are regretting the accident. 

Kamal Haasan
A picture of Kamal Haasan.IB Times India

Following the accident the event became the talk of the town in Kollywood, soon social media was flooded with posts on the terrible incident.

The production company post the ordeal posted early this morning, confirmed the deaths of three technicians. The superstar too took to Twitter to acknowledge the event and share his regret with his followers. 

Indian 2
@shankarshanmugh on Twitter

#Indian2Accident and #KamalHaasan trends on Twitter in the aftermath of the incident

The accident took place last night at EVP film city near Chennai, when a 150-foot tall crane was being erected, fell. According to Police reports the crane killed three on the spot and left 10 people injured in the process. 

Indian 2 Accident
A picture from the accident spot.Twitter

While reports had earlier stated that the director of Indian 2 Shankar was also injured, it is confirmed that both Shankar and Kamal Haasan who were present on set for the shoot, were unharmed. Early this morning the star and the production company, Lyca Productions took to Twitter to address the incident.

At 12:42 AM Kamal tweeted about the accident, "Today's accident is the most horrific, if any, accident. I miss losing three colleagues. More than my pain The grief of the family who lost them will be manifold. I take part in their misery as one of them. My deepest sympathies to them."

Lyca productions also released a statement on the event, sharing their regret on the events that took place and condolences. The three who died were identified as Krishna (AD), Chandran (Art Assistant) and Madhu (Production Assistant).