Indian Special Forces
Special Forces unit of the Indian Army is expected to train with their Sri Lankan coutnerparts as part of joint military exercise, Mithra Shakthi. In Picture: Indian Special Forces commando G. D. Singh shouts as he leads his battalion during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi 26 January 2012.Reuters

The Special Forces attached with Indian Army will train with their Sri Lankan counterparts as part of a two-week joint military exercise, Mithra Shakthi, from October 24. This is the fourth such exercise between the two armed forces.

It will be held at the Regimental Headquarters of Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, said a Sri Lankan Defence Ministry statement.

The Indian contingent will include 45 army personnel, including six officers. They will train with soldiers from the Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) till November 6.

Senior officers of both the armed forces will be attending as observers and will evaluate the exercise during the final phase, the statement noted. This is the second time that the exercise is being held in Sri Lanka.

The aim of the exercise is to "enhance understanding of transnational terrorism, inter-operability skills, conduct of joint tactical operations, sharing of each other's experiences etc."

India has been regularly conducting joint military exercises with its neighbours. It recently concluded one with China in the Ladakh region and had earlier conducted a joint military drill with the Nepalese Army.