"Desperate times call for desperate measures" is a well-known phrase that can now be associated with India squash player Ravi Dixit, who had won gold in the 2010 Asian junior championship, is willing to sell his kidney to fund his campaign in the South Asian Games.

The squash player has been forced to take such action as the 20-year-old, despite bringing laurels to the country, has been left in the cold and has not been supported by the government. Dhampur Sugar Mill has been funding the youngster, but he asks how long he can depend on them.

"I have been playing squash for the last 10 years. Even after winning so many medals and representing India so many times, I do not get any support to take my squash to the national and international levels," Ravi posted on his Facebook page.

"Dhampur Sugar Mill has supported me but how long will they continue to support me? Next month, the games are starting in Guwahati and I am representing India. To prepare for the tournament, I am training in Chennai but I have not been able to arrange enough money to fund my campaign for the games."

The player seems to be desperate as he has asked buyers to contact him if they are looking for a kidney and has quoted a price of Rs 8 lakh.

"I am ready to sell my kidney. If anyone needs a kidney, they can contact me. The price of my kidney is Rs 8 lakh," he further wrote in his FB page.

On hearing about the desperate scenario, Dhampur Sugar Mill official Vijay Gupta, who has been supporting him, are expected to further help Ravi.

"The mill has always supported Ravi in his endeavor. We wish he had come to us before doing such a thing. We will speak to him and do whatever we can to help him," The Times of India quoted Gupta as saying.

More than anyone else, Ravi's parents are very worried for his health if he sells his kidney to fund for his future tournament. It will not only have a great impact on his life, but also his playing career, which could be cut short if he sells his kidney.

"I have spoken to Ravi. He is in Chennai right now but I spoke to him on the phone. His mother and I are imploring him not to take the step. Together, we will figure out a way to deal with this crisis. This way, he will ruin both his life and career. I am saddened to hear that my son is taking such a drastic measure," said Ravi's father Ramkailash Dixit.

The India government, which has always rewarded cricketers for their performances in the gentleman's game, needs to look around sports and athletes, who actually require financial support. Barring cricket, other sportsperson are not well looked upon in India irrespective of the talent, which draws a sorry state for non-cricketers in India.

Even advertisers rope in well-known cricketers to further strengthen their brand, hence, they make a lot of money while other sportsperson are left dry and have to make money from their competition earnings, which they spend on their training facilities.

However, UP minister Moolchand Chauhan has expressed his desire to take the matter to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and help the player.

"Ravi is a very talented player. I am shocked to hear that he has offered to auction his kidney. I will meet his family soon and take the matter to chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. We will help him in any way that we can," said Chauhan.