Global Warming
A young tourist watches a forest fire from a balcony in his hotel at Kiotari village on the island of Rhodes.Reuters

Climate change has been a serious issue for the past decade or more and there have been several talks on how the adverse effects of global warming can or must be contained. On October 2, India ratified the climate treaty, which means it is now one of the countries that is aiming at slashing greenhouse gas emissions.

The step has been praised by the United Nations (UN) and the United States. "We commend Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his leadership and thank all those who have worked on the Agreement over many year," said US Ambassador to India Richard Verma in a statement. While US and China are the top two greenhouse gas-emitting countries, India takes the third spot.

Climate change has not just affected a handful of countries, but has spread across the globe. A quick browse of the news will give you a rough idea of the number of floods, wildfires, typhoon and droughts that have been reported this year alone. Meanwhile, here are some photos of global warming's severe impact on Earth.