India has set a new world record on World Diabetes Day (November 13) for "most blood glucose level test conducted within eight hours".

At an event organized by the Novo Nordisk Educational Foundation (NNEF) in Bangalore, a total of 3,573 people were tested.

"We monitored the entire event and are glad that a record number of people got their blood glucose levels tested here. In the first two hours itself, the figures shot past the previous record count," the Times of India quoted Vin Sharma, Guinness World Records Global Talent Manager, as saying.

"India has more than 62 million diabetes patients. Despite an adult prevalence rate of 6.2 percent, only 6 million to 7 million people get treated," said Melvin D'Souza, the Managing Trustee of NNEF, to The Times of India. Speaking at the event, D'Souza said that the Guinness Record bid was one of many activities the foundation has undertaken.

The certificate of entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, was handed over to D'Souza; the previous record was held by Kuwait, where 1,290 people were screened in September.