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'Very Happy'- countries according to their rankingIpsos

India appears second on the happiest countries list published by research company Ipsos, which conducted a global survey.

"Indonesia scores the happiest out of the 24 countries surveyed with just over half (51%) of citizens reporting they are 'very happy' followed by India and Mexico at 43% each Brazil and Turkey tied at 30% each and Australia and the United States each at 28%, " claimed a statement by the company.

It also claimed that "It is citizens in Europe who drag the global average assessment of happiness downward as only one in six (15%)".

Countries having the lowest number of "very happy" people are Hungary (6%), South Korea (7%) and Russia (8%), Spain (11%) and Italy (13%).

It also has found that apart from married people, demographically there is no statistical difference in happiness across gender. Those who are married (26% are "very happy") appear to be the happiest when compared to all other groups, especially those who are not married (18%).

However, those who are under the age of 35 (25%) are more likely to say that are "very happy" than those who are 35-49 (20%) and 50-64 (19%) across all countries surveyed.

Socio-economic play a role as those with a high education (25%) and those with a high household income (24%) are among those most likely to be "very happy," said John Wright, senior vice president of Ipsos Global, which has surveyed the happiness of more than 18,000 people in 24 countries since 2007.