ISI Seductress
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Three officials of the Indian High Commission were recalled from Pakistan's Islamabad recently after they informed the authorities in India of a honeytrap that Pakistan's spy agency Inter-Services Agency (ISI) allegedly tried to lure them into.

The officials' identities have not been revealed. They have been helping the authorities trace the roots of the plot by ISI, according to a Times of India report.

India was able to foil the bid after the Indian authorities were informed of the plot before any confidential information could be leaked to ISI.

ISI used seductress

The tendency of using females to lure men, so secrets can be extracted out from them, has long been used all around the world.

The Indian officials who worked with the language wing in Islamabad were reportedly seduced by a female who was a part of ISI's plot. But the Indian officials soon sensed a trap, and tipped off the Indian authorities, after which they were immediately called back to New Delhi.

A source with knowledge of the matter was quoted by TOI as saying: "The attempt even in this case was to seduce them and later film them in a compromising position."

What now?

Of late quite a few reports of ISI's involvment in plotting honeytraps for Indian officials to reveal secrets have surfaced on several media platforms.

Another Indian official who served in Pakistan for a long time said ISI does not use cash in such activities. He exlpained: "Cash is difficult to account for and will leave a trail to follow."

While the Indian government will analyse and take its own course to unravel the plot by ISI, the three Indian officials are unlikely to be posted back to Islamabad.

Also the officials who were subjected to trap are helping the Indian authorities to investigate. The agencies here are meanwhile also trying to dig up details — if any — of similar attempts made by ISI earlier with junior Indian officials to get details on Indian missions.