Kapil Sharma
Kapil SharmaKapil Sharma/Twitter

Kapil Sharma was in the news recently for turning down Shah Rukh Khan's invitation to appear in his new game show "India Poochega-Sabse Shaana Kaun?"

Several reports stated that due to Sharma's decision, Khan and Colors - the host channel of Sharma's comedy show - had a major fall out.

However, the comedian-turned-actor rubbished such reports and even mentioned that such rumours upset him. "This dirty politics is very upsetting", Sharma told Hindustan Times.

The Comedy King further revealed why he could not accept the offer to appear on SRK's quiz show.

The "Comedy Knights With Kapil" host mentioned that he can never turn down the "Fan" actor's invitation as the superstar has appeared on his comedy show multiple times.

"When Shah Rukh bhai's team called about the shoot, I agreed to shoot with Mika (Singh, singer) on February 25. He has appeared on my show multiple times and made it bigger than ever, how can I say no to him?" Sharma told the daily.

Sharma also took to twitter to clarify the rumours:

But, things took a different turn when Colors found out about his possible appearance on a different show and prohibited him from shooting on a rival channel.

"I was told (by Colors) that I can't shoot for a rival channel, especially as it's new. And now, it's sad that I'm being blamed. I am very hurt by the way things are projected. If the channel objected to me shooting for a rival channel, then they should have been upfront about it and not put the blame on me." the comedian added.

Sharma was disappointed, when in an official statement, the channel mentioned that it was Sharma's decision to not appear on the "Happy New Year" actor's show on &TV.

Meanwhile, SRK's show "India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?" is a game show in which people's common sense is checked and answers to random questions are sought. The show is slated to air from 2 March on &TV.