Vijay Anthony and Sushma Raj starrer "India Pakistan" has hit theatres on Friday, 8 May. The Tamil movie has been directed by N Anand.

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It is an action thriller that has high dose of comedy. Though the title "India Pakistan" sounds controversial, the movie has nothing to do with politics.

"India Pakistan" has impressed the audience with its trailer and songs. This factor has generated positive vibes regarding the movie, which has Pasupathy, Jagan, and MS Bhaskar in the cast.

India Pakistan
A poster of "India Pakistan'.IB Times India

The movie has Deena Devarajan's music, N Om's cinematography, and M Thiyagarajan's editing

It is the story of two people, who share love-hate relationship. Situations bring them together as they are forced to live together. How the story gets a twist when they come across a corrupt cop is the interesting part of the story.

Vijay Anthony has delivered two hits before in the form of "Naan" and "Salim" and people are waiting to see whether he can deliver a hatrick. Has he delivered? Find it below  in audience words:

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote
#IndiaPakistan – 3/5. Timepass.Jolly fun filled comedy entertainer. @vijayantony has successfully switched to comedy & done a neat job.
#IndiaPakistan 3/5. New girl #SushmaRaj (a look alike of #Anushka) is good & has crackling chemistry with @vijayantony.
#IndiaPakistan -3/5.But it is fantastic supporting cast - #Pasupathi, #MSBhaskar, #Jagan #KaaliVenkat & @manobalam who bring the house down
#IndiaPakistan 3/5 Debutant N Anand mix interesting could have been more racy Laughter is best medicine –Mall scene & climax at Binny Mill.
#IndiaPakistan 3/5. Downside -Too Long :157 minutes, needs trimming especially in 1st half, 5 songs too much, & r just speed breakers.

Kannan Posted
#IndiaPakistan - Decent debut by director Anand! Nice to see @vijayantony smoothly switching over from serious films to rom-com.
#IndiaPakistan: Pasupathy & MS Bhaskar too good in comic roles! Sharath Lohitaswa's role showed promise initially but wasted in the end
#IndiaPakistan - Vijay Antony & Sushma Raj's ego clash sequences well executed & both have done a neat job! Jagan shines in comedy.
#IndiaPakistan: Commercial entertainer that's engaging for most parts with good amount of fun but letdown by silly climax. Watchable! (6/10)
#IndiaPakisthan 1st half - Full on comedy & surprisingly good so far!

Dhananjayan Govind ‏Tweeted
#IndiaPakistan film is a lovely comedy & family entertainer. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance of all actors. Laugh riot :-) @vijayantony

Johnson PRO Posted
#IndiaPakistan is a light entertainer for summer. Last 15mins climax has unbeatable comedy. @vijayantony

Sathish Kumar Posted
‪#‎IndiaPakistan‬ first half - Jagan rocks the first 15-20 minutes, followed by good comedy scenes between Pasupathi & MS Bhaskar along with everlasting battle between Vijay Anthony & Sushma.
#IndiaPakistan - A complete commercial family comedy entertainer. Pasupathi, Manobala, M.S. Bhaskar, Jagan scenes were too entertaining.
#Indiapakistan - Ilayathalapathy's Kadhaluku Mariyathai Dvd plays a huge role in the movie
A Summer feast for Family audience

Gautham Nanban Posted
#IndiaPakistan (3/5) Laugh Riot For This Summer , 1st Half Ok But 2nd Half Filled With Full Comedy , Sure Shot Treat For 'B' Center Audience

Prashanth Wrote
#IndiaPakistan interval - B/C center stuff, not bad.
Cannot laugh more than this, yabba!! Laugh riot this!! #IndiaPakistan
#Indiapakistan - 3.5/5 , pakka family entertainer, definitely worth your ticket money

#IndiaPakistan opening scene.... kaadalukku mariyadhai Thalapathy
#IndiaPakistan first half over just ok ok

Shankar Ganesh Posted
#IndiaPakistan at Mayajaal..#IndiaPakistan countable crowd
#IndiaPakistan the film begins
#IndiaPakistan first half over....decent first half...not bad
#Vijay fans has a reason to whistle.. #IndiaPakistan

Mr Gokul ‏Wrote
#Ilayathalapathy #Vijay 's #KadhalukkMariyadhai Movie DVD has a key role in @vijayantony 's #IndiaPakistan :-)

First Day First Show Wrote
#IndiaPakistan 1st half. Really entertaining. Filled with comedy portions.

Pŕę♏♥ Csk Tweeted
#Vijay Guess Role pannadu lam Anda Kaalam...Nw Vijay Films dan Guess Role Pannitu Iruku #IndiaPakistan
#KadalukuMariyadai ✌

Dinesh Tweeted
#IndiaPakistan- Heroine looks alike Anushka on so many angles. She's enthusiastic and director couldv utilized her more.
#IndiaPakistan- Vijay Antony can stick with serious roles rather than trying to be a boy next door. No offence, it doesnt suit him.
#IndiaPakistan- The tone of the camera isnt matching the comedy sequences in many places. Could hav made much more enjoyable.
#IndiaPakistan- Pasupathy, MS Bhaskar and Manobala asusual nailed their characters. Good comedy from this combo in 2nd half.
IndiaPakistan- Below average comedy movie with an usual formula. Supporting characters made the 2nd half okay.
IndiaPakistan interval - What a waste of time.

One Kollywood Wrote
#IndiaPakistan 1st half is pretty gyd. Commercially entertaining. Melodramatic interval. Might get a bit serious n cliché. But so far so gud
#IndiaPakistan - all films cant be a #UttamaVillain so sometimes we need these mindless comedy entertainers to beat the stress. That's all.
#IndiaPakistan - songs didn't make sense, just there for the sake of it. Otherwise a simple clean entertaining film. Rating 3/5
#IndiaPakistan - Not very happy with Vijay Antony. Some other actor wud have done more justice to this script. He looked rigid and stiff.
Done with #IndiaPakistan. Clean entertainer. Jagan, Pasupathi, Ms Bhaskar scenes were hilarious. Actress Sushma was really good.

Karthik journalist Wrote
@sushmaraj91 hey you did ur part very well in #IndiaPakistan móvie..Nice acting have a good scope for acting too... Keep choosing Gud one ☺

Abishek Wrote
Might not find the sensibilities you might expect from a movie, but #IndiaPakistan is a laugh riot ! @vijayantony has got a knack!