A country battling coronavirus now faces locusts attack. A large swarm of locusts attacked the Jaipur city on Monday (May 25) morning, severely affecting the farmers in the state.

locust attack
The locusts have ruined crops spread over at least 5,00,000 hectares of land in Rajasthan, mostly in western and eastern part of the state.Reuters

The locusts have ravaged crops spread over at least 5,00,000 hectares of land in Rajasthan, mostly in the western and eastern parts of the state.

The inhabitants of Jaipur woke up to an unexpected attack by a swarm of locusts today morning. The invasion was not restricted to one colony but was seen in several areas of Jaipur, which left the residents startled.

It is said that for the first time, the locusts have trespassed residential colonies of the city in the summer months.

Drones to fight locust menace

For the first time, drones and planes will be used to fight the locust attack in the state of Rajasthan, BR Karwa, project director, Agricultural Technology Management Agency told a news agency.

The locusts have switched their attack policy this summer and are flying at a great height against their fundamental nature to operate in the low lying regions. Following this, the Union minister for agriculture Kailash Chowdhary has asked the DGCA to support the government with planes to combat the locust menace from a height by sprinkling pesticides.

Videos of locust swarms in Jaipur:

According to reports, the Rajasthan government is analysing tenders so that drones can be used to counter the locust threat.

Locusts reach Jhansi

A sudden movement of a swarm of locusts has put the district administration on alert. The locusts were spotted on the outskirts of Jhansi district

The Jhansi district administration has directed the fire brigades to remain on standby with chemicals following a sudden movement by a swarm of locusts.

Indian officials blame Pakistan

The agricultural department officials have accused India's nuclear-armed neighbour, Pakistan, that it is favoring to sit idly, rather than taking any action to regulate the locusts as these insects have made the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan their breeding centres.

What are locusts?

Belonging to a big group of insects, usually known as grasshoppers, locusts belong to the superfamily Acridoidea. They are recognisable by the big hind legs used for jumping.

When the numbers of locusts grow, they become gregarious in habit and stay collectively in dense groups. These clubs are commonly known as swarms and are also called 'hoppers'. The swarms of locusts can move over great distances.