India and China's proposed talks on border issues have been put off following disagreement over the Dalai Lama's Buddhist conference in New Delhi next week.

It is reported that China wanted to scrap the Dalai Lama's proposed address at the Buddhist conference to be held in Delhi next week, the same time the country is scheduled to hold talks with India. However, India thinks the demand is "outrageous" and decided to cancel the border talks instead of scrapping the Dalai Lama's conference.

Chinese Special Representative Dai Bingguo was supposed to hold talks with his Indian counterpart Shivshankar Menon Monday and Tuesday as a follow up to the talks in Beijing last November. They were supposed to talk on the border issues. Sources said that talks would be held after the countries fix a convenient date.

It was reported earlier this month that India would host a Special Representatives talks with China - a three stage dialogue process to solve the long-pending border disputes. The first stage is the declaration of the Guiding Principles and Political Parameters. The second stage is to identify the framework for resolution on border dispute and the third stage to apply the framework.