Vijender Singh
2008 Beijing Olympics bronze medal winner might go pro.Reuters

Will Vijender Singh fight in the Rio Olympics sporting the tri-colour? This question is paramount for boxing fans around the country and the sporting fraternity, as he is one of the most-likely pugilists for India to bring home an Olympic medal from the 2016 Olympics.

The question has gained prominence after Vijender Singh excused himself from the national training camp in Patiala.

Vijender is presently said to be undergoing training at Queensberry Promotions, a company owned by Francis Warren. This makes the case even more interesting with reports emerging that Vijender might go pro.

Vijender Singh has taken permission from national coach Gurbaksh Singh Sandhu to train in the UK at his own expense. So, is Vijender preparing to throw in the towel in his amateur career and go pro?

"He had taken permission from me to train in the United Kingdom, but as of now I have no idea whether he is joining the pro league. I will know only when he comes back and talks to me," Mail Today quoted Sandhu as saying.

Vijender Singh is expected to return to India on 13 July, as the Asian Championships selection trails begins on 14 July.

But if he goes pro, then Vijender will not be able to compete at an amateur level for India in the Olympics. If that does happen, it will be a huge setback for India's Rio Olympics 2016 preparations as Vijender Singh had won India the prestigious bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The Indian boxing fraternity will be eager to see him in national colours but it is his personal choice as well.

"Look, I do not know what Vijender's plan is because he has not spoken to me about it (turning professional). But yes, if he does decide to do so, it will definitely affect our preparations for the Olympics," mid-day quoted Sandhu as saying.

"But at the end of the day, only he knows what is best for his career and if he does make any such decision, I'm sure he would have put in a lot of thought into it. I can't stop him. For that matter, if any boxer chooses to turn professional, we (coaches) cannot stop him," added Sandhu.

A major media announcement is expected to be made on 29 June related to Vijender Singh, with Francis Warren as the host of the press conference.