India's GDP to slow down to 5 percent
India's GDP to slow down to 5 percentIndustry Leaders Magazine

In a poll conducted by, Indian is ranked as the sixth most favourable nation for Americans, while Pakistan is ranked as the third most unfavourable after Iran and North Korea.

According to the survey, nearly 68 percent Americans favoured India. Canada and UK tops the list with 91 percent and 88 percent ratings, respectively.

Also on the list of favorably countries are Germany with 85 percent rating, Japan with 81 percent and France 73 percent.

The research also shows that Americans strongly favor Israel making it the seventh nation with 66 percent after India.

The website stated that Americans show widely diverse attitudes toward a group of 22 countries around the world. It was also found that "Americans are most positive about countries that are democracies and US allies, and least positive about countries that are seen as threats to the US, those that are involved in major turmoil, and those that are not traditional democracies."

The survey was conducted through telephonic interviews taken between 7 to 10 February with a random sample of 1,015 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.

Nearly nine out of 10 Americans have an unfavourable view of Iran, making it the worst rated country in the list, followed by North Korea with 84 percent.

The other countries which received unfavorable ratings of 70 percent or more are Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Pakistan.

"Eight countries with the most negative ratings are currently or over the past decade were involved in wars, disputes, or turmoil -- in a number of instances, in ways that are hostile to the US," Gallup said. 

"The US-Pakistani relationship is beset with rockiness despite the strained cooperation between the two on military matters. Americans also strongly favour Israel's enduring conflict with Palestinian Authority."