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Bollywood has shown its sense of patriotism very often. It has made several films based on India's independence, its struggle, freedom fighters like "Anand Math" (1952), which included the song "Vande Mataram" and most of the legend actor Manoj Kumar's films.

On the eve of Independence Day, here is the list of the best patriotic films of all time. The film-makers kept no stone unturned while making such movies and made the viewers proud of their nation.

Shaheed (1948)

"Shaheed" (1948) was the film released a year after India's Independence and thus based on the movement and struggle of the nation. It was directed by Ramesh Sehgal and starred Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal.

Even in 1965, a film with the same name got released starring Manoj Kumar based on Bhagat Singh's life and it was his first of all his patriotic movie series.

Mother India (1957)

The all time classic "Mother India" (1957), starred Nargis as 'Radha' who depicted a well-portrayed image of an Indian woman in the nation after independence. The character Radha is a poor lady who struggles to raise her family without her husband and faces many troubles including a cunning money lender.

The struggle of a woman represents the hardships through which India went through for its freedom and the character, which sets the example of an ideal Indian woman represents the nation after Independence. The film also depicts the power of an Indian woman and thus entitled as "Mother India."

The international version of the film was nominated for Oscars as well.

Purab Aur Paschim (1970)

Manoj Kumar
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Manoj Kumar, who got a nickname as 'Bharat Kumar' because of his character's name in most of his patriotic films is same. "Purab Aur Paschim" (1970) is one of those films of Kumar which showed the importance of Indian value and traditions. No matter if you are an Indian born abroad, the inner you will always take you to India.

The film also starred Saira Banu as a lead who is an Indian, born in foreign country but adopts the traditional lifestyle after falling in love with Kumar. It is an inspiration to Akshay Kumar – Katrina Kaif starrer "Namastey London" (2007).

Kranti (1981)

Manoj Kumar directed "Kranti" (1981) had a huge star cast based on the fight for Independence. The film shows the freedom struggle of Indians from 1825 to 1875, during the British rule. 

The performance of the whole cast made "Kranti" the top-grossing film of that time.

Roja (1992)

independence day
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"Roja" (1992) was originally made in Tamil language which later dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Malyalam and Marathi. Mani Ratnam directed film showed the growing fear of terrorist attacks across the world and depicts human relationships against Indian political background.

"Bharat Hum Ko Jaan Se Pyaara Hain", "Chhoti Si Asha" and rest all the soundtracks composed by AR Rahman made the film a successful hit.

Krantiveer (1994)

Nana Patekar starrer "Krantiveer" (1994) is about a brave man who fights for injustice and keeps it above his life. It won many National, Filmfare and Star Screen Awards. It is basically of action crime genre, which shows the power of an Indian man and his courage of going against injustice.

Border (1997)

independence day
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One of the epic war films in the Indian cinema industry is "Border" (1997), which was a commercial hit in India. It is based on real life events happened at the Battle of Longewala fought in Rajasthan during the Indo-Pak War of 1971.

The film portrayed the soldiers bond on the war field and their life stories that they have left behind to fight for their country. It cast many talented actors and the soundtracks like "Sandese Aate Hain" made it a big hit.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002)

"The Legend of Bhagat Singh" (2002) starred Ajay Devgn as the lead character of Bhagat Singh. It is one of the best-shot biopics ever made on the freedom fighter. "Desh Mere Desh", "Mera Rang De Basanti" are the soundtracks, which filled more patriotism in the heart of the viewers.

Rang De Basanti (2006)

independence day
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Aamir Khan starrer "Rang De Basanti" (2006) is an inspiring movie, which cast many talented actors including an English actress Alice Patten. The storyline is about a British Documentary film-maker who comes to India to make a film on Indian freedom fighters. The actors for her documentary are a group of friends, who gets driven from those characters in their real life and fights for justice.

The movie won many awards and AR Rahman's soundtracks made it the best movie of all times.

A Wednesday! (2008)

Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher starrer "A Wednesday!" (2008) showed the actual situation of the highest authority who fails to take timely action whenever the nation is targeted by a terrorist attack. The movie is based on a particular day that is, of course, Wednesday. It raises patriotism inside the viewer, which made it a hit in the boxoffice.

The movies are then re-made in Tamil as "Unnaipol Oruvan", Telugu as "Eeenadu" and English as "A Common Man".