• Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of 69th Independence Day.PIB
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of 69th Independence Day.PIB
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi unfurling the Tricolour flag at the ramparts of Red Fort, on the occasion of 69th Independence Day, in Delhi on August 15, 2015.PIB
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying floral tributes at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, at Rajghat, on the occasion of 69th Independence Day.PIB
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying floral tributes at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, at Rajghat, on the occasion of 69th Independence Day.PIB

This country is moving forward due to 'Team India' and there is no place for casteism or communalism in this nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said as he delivered his second Independence Day speech from the iconic Red Fort in Delhi.

"Be it casteism or communalism, there is no place for them. In no way can they be tolerated. If the unity of India is destroyed, then the dreams of the people are also destroyed," Modi said in his I-Day speech.

Modi also promised to make India corruption-free, saying, "I am determined to end the termite of corruption". He said that corruption has become a part of the system and his government is working rid it of the same.

Modi went ahead to praise his government by saying, "There is no allegation of corruption against my government, even of Re 1" since he became the Prime Minister in May last year.

India on Saturday celebrated 68 years of its independence from the British Raj with Modi unfurling the tricolour and addressing nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. 

You can listen to Modi's speech online on the YouTube channel of his official website.


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10:44 am: We had already accepted the #OROP during UPA Govt, why is the PM repeating that now? Implement it-AK Antony

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10:36 am: We in Pakistan sincerely hope to settle all bilateral issues through a sustained and comprehensive dialogue, says Sharif in message to PM Narendra Modi. Promoting friendly, cooperative and good neighbourly relations between our two countries is in our mutual interests: Sharif.

10:35 am: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif greets people of India on the occasion of Independence Day.

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9:10 am: The military veterans said they have been waiting for very long now, they want a specific date for the implementation of OROP.

9:05 am: Ex-servicemen are furious as announcement was made on the deadline for the implementation of One Rank, One Pension. Several military veterans and the widows of many martyred soldiers are protesting at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

9 am: There should be momentum created for achievement of goals by 2022.When we celebrated 75th anniversary of freedom we shd achieve targets.

8:59 am: Hume saksham Bharat bana na hai, samrudhh bana na hai, swachh Bharat bana na hai.

8:56 am: This government agrees in Principle with OROP we are moving forward with negotiations.

8:55 am: I am saying in front of the 'Tiranga' today, have accepted the pending demand of OROP, talks are on and soon a decision will be reached.

8:53 am: Many govts have come & gone. OROP has come before all govts. They all made small promises. I also couldn't do it. I promise again...discussions have come to final leg, we are finding a solution, I hope for a positive result. In principle we have accepted OROP

8:52 am: Every bank should ensure that its every branch must give loan for start ups to atleast one Dalit or tribal.

8:48 am: PM announces special scheme for miners and their areas; Rs 6000 crore to be spent on it every year.

8:47 am: We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be Number 1 in start-ups.

8:47 am: Hindustan mein koi aisa zila na ho,aisa block na ho jahan koi startup na shuru ho. 'Start up India, Stand up India'.

8:45 am: Agriculture Ministry to be renamed as Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare for institutionalised care of the farmers.

8:44 am: Aane waale 1000 dinon mein desh ke 18,500 gaon mein bijli pahunchane ki koshish karenge.

8:43 am: Even after so many decades of Independence there are 18,500 villages in India which do not have electricity.

8:42 am: In 15 months, there is no allegation of corruption against my govt; I am determined to end the termite of corruption.

8:40 am: Desh mein jitna mehatv jawaan ka hai,utna hi mehatv kisaan ka bhi haiDesh mein jitna mehatv jawaan ka hai,utna hi mehatv kisaan ka bhi hai.

8:38 am: Kisaan ko jitna Urea chahiye utna milega. 

8:35 am: We need to increase agricultural productivity. Save water,save energy,save fertilizers should be our motto.

8:35 am: India cannot develop till the eastern part of India develops.

We will be a strong nation only when our eastern region is also strong, we are installing gas pipelines and improving rail network

8:34 am: PM makes 1st disclosure that Rs 6500 crores disclosed under compliance window of black money & foreign assets law.

8:33 am: Some people are worried about tough law on black money; it has ensured that nobody dares to take black money out of the country.

8:28 am: Coal block auction has been undertaken by the govt, national exchequer will get Rs 3 lakh crore.

8:26 am: On the issue of black money we took a lot of steps within such a short time, we formed a SIT under SC's guidance the day we took over.

8:25 am: Has been 15 months now since we formed Government, no accusation of corruption of even Re1. 15 mahine ho gaye hain, aapne jo sarkaar bithaayi hai Dilli mein uspe ek paise ka bhrastachaar ka aarop nahi hai.

8:22 am: Team India ka sankalp dekhiye, samey seema mein koyle ka auction hua aur kareeb kareeb 3 lakh crore is se aaya.

8:21 am: Agar main koyle ki baat karoonga toh kuch political pundit use rajneeti ke tarazu se tolenge.

8:18 am: Today I proudly say that the 'give it up' campaign for gas subsidy has been successful, 20 lakh people have given subsidy up.

8:15 am: India can be free of corruption; need lots of measures; have to start from top.

8:12 am: Humaare desh mein ek fashion ho gaya tha,ke kanoon banate raho,ye good governance ke liye acchi nishaani nahi hoti...Bimaar vyakti bhi svasth logon ko svaasth ki salah deta hai, ye bhrashtachaar ke mudde pe bhi hota hai.

8:11 am: Dignity of labour has to be our national duty, it has to be a part of our nature

8:10 am: Humne Shramev Jayate Yojna banayi, 'dignity of labour' hamara rashtriya swabhaav hona chahiye... The Shramev Jayate Yojna is an attempt to change the way we look at our workers.

8:03 am: The biggest brand ambassadors of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan are the 5-10 year olds, who have taken part in this campaign enthusiastically.

8 am: People from all walks of life, spiritual leaders, media friends, celebrities, everyone has worked to create awareness.

7:59 am: Almost 4.25 lakh toilets were built in 2.62 schools nationwide in one year; this gives self-confidence that we can do what we want.

7:59 am: Last time from the Red Fort I spoke about toilets and cleanliness. People wondered what kind of PM is he, talking about these issues.. If there is something that has touched every person, it is the movement towards cleanliness.

7:58 am: We need to strengthen the foundation of development pyramid by financial inclusion.

7:57 am: We introduced the 'pradhanmantri beema yojna' and 'atal pension yojna', we did what we promised.

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7:51 am: 17 crore desh vaasiyon ko bank tak laana bohot mushkil kaam hota hai, main bank karamchaariyon ka abhinandan karta hoon.

7:50 am: In ghareebon ne Rs 20,000 crore bank accounts mein jama karvaaye hain, ye ghareebon ki ameeri ke balboote team India aage badhegi.

7:49 am: Bank accounts are essential for integrating poor into the financial system, 17 crore people opened accounts under Jan Dhan Yojna.

7:48 am: After all who are the banks for, they are for the poor.

7:47 am: Bank accounts are essential for integrating the poor into the financial system.

7:46 am: There is a new atmosphere of trust... The doors of the banks were not open for the poor. We decided this must end. We wanted to strengthen financial inclusion.

7:45 am: Is team India ka ek hi janadesh hai, vo janadesh hai hamari saari vyvasthayein,yojnaaein is desh ke ghareeb ke kaam aani chahiye... Mere pyaarey deshvasiyon ye baat nischit hai ki team India ka ek jan-aadeshya hai, hamari sari yojnayein gareeb kay kaam aaye.

7:44 am: Be it MyGov, letters from citizens, Mann Ki Baat, communication with people...daily Jan Bhagidari is increasing.

7:43 am: This country is moving forward due to Team India, this team is made up of 125 Crore Indians... Hum jo kuch bhi kar rahe hain voh is sava sau crore ki team India ke kaaran hai... 'Jan Bhagidari' is the biggest asset of our democracy.

7:42 am: This is Team India, a team of 125 crore Indians. This is the Team that makes the Nation and takes our Nation to new heights.

7:41 am: Be it casteism or communalism there is no place for them. In no way can they be tolerated.

7:40 am: Bharat ke jan jan mein saralta bhi hai, aur Bharat ke kone kone mein ekta bhi hai, yahi hamaari poonji hai... Hamari ekta,saralta aur hamara bhaichara ek poonji hai,is pe kabhi daagh nahi lagna chahiye.

7:40 am: There is simplicity in every Indian and there is unity in every corner of India. This is the strength of India. If the unity of India is destroyed then the dreams of the people are also destroyed

7:39 am: The Prime Minister pays tributes to all those great people who laid down their lives for India, during India's freedom struggle.

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7:35 am: The Prime Minister addresses nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

7:31 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi unfurls the flag. 

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7:24 am: Modi arrives at the Red Fort.

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6:55 am: Home Minister Rajnath Singh hoists tricolour at his official residence in Delhi.

6:30 am: Modi greets Indian on 69th Independence Day.

Last year, Modi had announced several schemes, including his initiatives – Make in India and Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, – and made several promises during his maiden Independence Day speech.

This year too, he is expected to make more promises and announce new schemes. The speech may also include topics suggested by the public. During his last month's radio address 'Mann ki Baat', Modi had invited the public to suggest ideas for his Independence Day speech.

One of the suggestions on MyGov website sought implementation of One Rank One Pension scheme, for which ex-servicemen are on hunger strike at Jantar Mantar for the last two months. The expectations are high for the announcement of date for the implementation of OROP on 69th Independence Day of India.

The Prime Minister is also expected to announce a universal health insurance plan and Rs 1 lakh-crore financial package for Jammu & Kashmir on this Independence Day. Above all, Modi is expected to list out the Centre's success in fulfilling several promises that were made last year.

Elaborate security arrangements have been put in place at the Red Fort, where Modi will unfurl the tricolour on 15 August 2015. The flag hoisting will be followed by Modi's Independence Day speech, parades and cultural events.

The entire capital, all states and union territories have been put under high surveillance as India faces the risk of terror attack on this year's Independence Day. Over 1,000 CCTV cameras have been installed in and around the fort and the routes that will be taken by Modi's cavalcade and other VVIPs.

A spate of terror attacks, including one at Gurdaspur in Punjab and the other at Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir, and hanging of 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon has prompted the Indian authorities to issue high alert across the nation.

(Source: ANI, PTI and PMO India Tweets)