Capture a Trip

India has a long history of providing education to the young ones in the arms of nature. The culture of Gurukula system of education in India, where education was closely linked to nature and exploration, is a great testimony to our rich education system. With the rapid growth in urbanization and digitization, our children don't have the opportunity and time to interact with nature and education in India is now reduced to mere memorization of information.

While one will agree that nature-ingrained learning is necessary, today's reality is that our generation doesn't have the time or means for this. A Faridabad-based travel company, Capture a Trip, has come up with a vision and mission to inculcate nature in learning for this new generation. For a start, the company reaches out to schools and talks about the role of nature in the journey of learning of young minds. The CEO and founder of Capture a Trip, Nitin Khanna highlights the need for change in the shift of mentality. He says, "The first step towards making a big change in the mentality is by starting a conversation around it. And we are one of the few companies who are doing it." Recently Capture a Trip became the travel partner of SRS International school and hosted 80 students on their travel expedition to Shimla Mashobra.

Travel is the best extra-curricular kids can take up. It is an excellent way to teach our children better brotherhood, harmony, culture and history. Its benefits on one's mental health are necessary in times of extreme academic stress on students, and not just it is a great way to introduce the concept of travelling in lives of young minds.

With all that is lacking in our education system, such initiatives make a change and it is a way to give back to the society for all the resources it provides them. Capture a Trip is getting a good response from schools and have tapped new potential to go in a new direction. To bring new change in society and encourage the budding travelers is surely that can come from a young minds of entrepreneurs, in this case Capture a Trip!