Twitter pic where Zebra is crossing a 'human crossing'
Twitter pic where Zebra is crossing a 'human crossing'Twitter Picture

Can you image another universe where everything is in contradiction to our very own world? For example, a guest panelist which doesn't allow famed news anchor Arnab Goswami to speak, or a conflict among gods on the existence of humans.

Wit, irony, humour and a dose of laughter, call it what you may but Twitter can give it to you faster than you can imagine. Besides drawing one's attention to social causes, the micro-blogging site has also become a digging ground through which a paradoxical existence of a world is discovered.

It will indeed be a parallel universe where phones would carry 'SmartHumans' with themselves, time would log onto Twitter to waste humans or that a micro-blogging site called Twitter does not actually exist.

But as it is, Twitter does exist for the moment and so does an ironic hastag called #InAParallelUniverse, where people are posting some of most interesting tweets in the history of social media. Let's take a look at the top 20 of them: