Bollywood actor Imran Khan, who has lent his voice to "Rio 2" (Hindi dubbed), promoted the upcoming film at Palladium Mall in Mumbai on 9 April.

The actor was seen dancing along with a group, and seemed to enjoy participating in the flash mob. Khan also shared his experiences. He was all praise for the movie and said that he was happy to be a part of 'Rio 2". 

"I had so much fun while dubbing as I had the complete freedom of giving various reactions and expressions through my voice, which is quite different from Bollywood, where we merely re-enact our dialogues shot previously," Indiatoday quoted the actor.

"Rio 2" is a sequel to 2011's Rio. The Hindi version has Khan and Sonakshi Sinha featuring as Blu and Jewel. The movie will hit the screens all over India this Friday.