Important Silenced Weapons in Mafia 3 and 3 easy tips to obtain these in the game
Important Silenced Weapons in Mafia 3 and 3 easy tips to obtain these in the gameOfficial website

Mafia 3, the stealth-adventure game, which is currently live for gamers owning Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 consoles across the world, is slowly catching the fancy of players. In this situation, it is only natural for those playing Mafia 3 to check for in-game tricks with which the whole experience becomes a satisfying one. One of the most important tricks is obtaining silenced weapons as the game progresses.

Check out the guide below that details how you can easily obtain silenced weapons:

Tip 1: Finish the initial missions in the main campaign and assign control of Delray Hollow district to Cassandra. After this, notice that you can easily access the Mobile Store Associate and obtain a silenced pistol from him. To get this pistol, use the radio given by Donovan to call the Mobile Store Associate. Wait till he gets to the scene, and then you should find the silenced pistol within your Handguns repository.

Tip 2: Obtain control of the Pointe Verdun, Delray Hollow and the River Flow districts. Then, complete the story missions. Here, get hold of the rackets and assign control over these to the understudies viz. Cassandra, Burke and Vito. Proper assignment of rackets directly determines the silenced weapons you can obtain.

Tip 3: The most important aspect here is the fact that you would need to treat Cassandra appropriately; by assigning him appropriate control. Failure, at this point in time, would lead to loss of valuable weapons.