Important Album Cover collectables in Mafia 3 and where to find these in-game
Important Album Cover collectables in Mafia 3 and where to find these in-gameOfficial website

With the action-crime adventure title Mafia 3 now live to gamers across the world, it only makes sense for players to learn about the various in-game nuances which add pleasure to the overall gameplay experience.

An important aspect which offers maximum in-game fun is the multiple collectables which are essential in completion of vital tasks. One of the most prominent collectables are album covers which are tricky to find in-game.

Detecting and finding album covers requires you to navigate to various unknown and tricky locations. Also, finding album covers requires an extra degree of intelligence and you would be required to put on your detective hats. Thereby, to aid players in finding album covers, we have listed important locations where you can find these collectables in-game.

Important album covers in mafia 3 and where to find these:

River Row Album cover location details:

Album Cover: The Supremes

Location: At the interiors of the Fresh Crab shack and on the stack of boxes.

Album Cover: Big Brother and The Holding Company

Location: Present at Shooter's Bar, and in the back office.

Downtown Album Cover location details:

Album cover: Dusty Springfield

Location: Go to the northwest of Downtown district, find the Garage and open its doors. You should find the album cover inside the Garage.

Album Cover: Count Five

Location: Obtain leeway to Frankies Blackmail Racket. Search under the trash at the bottom of the building. Use the stair-way to get to the bottom.

Album Cover: Otis Redding

Location: Present at the shore of the Downtown. You should find the Otis Redding album cover on board the anchored boat stationed at the extreme southwest region.

Album Cover: Etta Jones

Location: These are located at Downtown district along the Vendor Booths. Go to the Central point of Downtown to find vendors.

Bayou Fantom Album Cover Location details

Album Cover: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Location: Go to the Shooter's Bar located at Bayou Fantom. Here, you should see some shelving units. Search at the top of these units to find the Creedence Clearwater Revival album cover.

Album Cover: Vanilla Fudge

Location: Go to the Double Barrel Bar of Bayou Fantom. You should find the Vanilla Fudge album cover clearly visible behind the serving desk.