Apple Surpasses Coca Cola as Most Valuable Brand
Apple is now the most valuable brand in the world. Reuters

A day after images of the imminent low-cost Apple iPhone sporting a green plastic back panel hit the web, a new set of snapshots showing the rear panels in different colours have leaked again.

The images posted by French website NWE (No Where Else) showed the cheaper iPhone in green, yellow and red variants. The device has been rumored to come in different colours since the news of its inception. Reports also said that the back-panels of the device host multiple attachment points including the motherboard and the lightning connection port similar to the current iPhone 5.

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Earlier reports had suggested that the budget-priced iPhone would come in navy, gold orange, white, and grey variants apart from the white, pink, green, blue, and yellow-orange colours. The low-cost device which is said to be specifically developed for emerging markets like India is expected to make its debut in late September or early October.

On the specifications front, the device is rumoured to come with a 3.5-inch screen and iOS 7 operating system. It is expected to pack an A5 chipset processor and a 5.0-megapixel camera.The add-ons include a 3.5 mm audio port and lightning port.

A latest report suggested that iOS 7 is likely to see a debut on 18 September and this would be followed by the launch of the low-cost iPhone after a week or two.