An unnamed Chinese man, believed to have terminal cancer, recently married a sex doll so he would not leave behind a grieving widow.

The 28-year-old Beijing resident wanted to experience a lavish wedding and opted to marry a sex doll, which was given an expensive dress and tiara.

The groom had also arranged for make-up artists to make the life-like doll look gorgeous in different attires for the wedding photoshoot.

The romantic wedding photos of the "newlyweds" became an instant hit on Chinese social media. In the viral photos, the groom is seen on his knees as well as kissing the hand of his "bride". In another photos, he is also seen dancing holding the hands of his "wife".

However, rumours also suggest these photographs are part of an unusual marketing campaign.

Another Chinese man's photos with a child-sized doll had earlier gone viral on Chinese social media. Song Bo was diagnosed with a serious illness that caused headaches and depression, and used to carry a 145cm doll with him always as he believed he would never be able to get marry and have a daughter.

Check out the wedding photos of the Chinese man below: