Renowned actress Ileana D'Cruz is reportedly contemplating a farewell to her acting career, with plans to embrace a serene family life alongside her husband, Michael, and their son in the United States of America. Sources indicate that Ileana has consciously refrained from accepting new offers, expressing her desire to relocate to the U.S. and relish precious moments with her family.

The decision to step away from her professional commitments comes in the wake of Ileana's deep-seated joy derived from spending quality time with her husband and son. The source reveals, "Her primary focus now is on nurturing a happy family life in the U.S., prompting her to step back from the demands of the film industry."

Ileana D'Cruz
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Ileana D'Cruz and Michael Dolan exchanged vows just four weeks before the actress announced her pregnancy on social media. Despite the low-profile nature of their wedding, their happiness expanded with the arrival of their first child, Koa Phenix Dolan, born on August 1, 2023. While Ileana occasionally shares glimpses of her little one on Instagram, the recent revelation of the baby's full face marks a significant moment for the actress.

"Embracing this new phase of life, Ileana has chosen to distance herself from acting, prioritizing family over professional pursuits. Although she remains in top-notch charm and fitness, she has charted a different course for herself," the source adds.


Acknowledging Ileana D'Cruz's influential stint in Tollywood, where she delivered hits like 'Devadas,' 'Pokiri,' 'Kick,' and 'Julayi' alongside top actors such as Prabhas, NTR, and Pawan Kalyan, the source also notes her transition to Bollywood with films like 'Barfi' and 'Rustom.' However, the Bollywood ventures did not yield significant success. "While she initially returned to Telugu cinema with 'Amar Akbar Antony,' she couldn't replicate her earlier success, leading to a gradual decline in her cinematic visibility," concludes the source.