Ignore No More: An App That Gives Parents Power to Control Children's Smartphone
Ignore No More: An App That Gives Parents Power to Control Children's SmartphoneApple iTunes screen-shot

An innovative cross platform app -- Ignore No More! -- has been launched to help  parents remotely control their teenage children's smartphones.

"Ignore No More! is an easy to install app that gives parents control back over their children's phones. If children ignore repeated calls and text messages to reach them, you simply lock their phones until they call you back," said the lead app developer Sharon Standifird.

Salient features of Ignore More App:

  • One account controls multiple "child" devices from multiple "parent" devices
  • If your children ignore your calls and text messages repeatedly, you can simply lock their phones. 
  • One other key feature is that disabled phone still can contact emergency services if children are in danger.
  • Virtually impossible to be removed by your child. [However, it has been reported that few tech-savvy children are capable of disabling it]

How to Install Ignore No More app (developed by Mountaineer Technology Ventures, LLC):


  1. First, parents  have to install ignore no more app on either Apple iOS based iPhone or Android smartphone. Once installed, select 'Create Parent Account. ' and enter username ID and password (only one house account per family needed). Later complete the formality by filling all the relevant data and submit it. [Note: Before installing Ignore No More! on any device, it is important to back-up the device. A clean back-up will allow you to restore your device.]
  2. Repeat the same procedure to add other elders to the parent group. Remember to login with same family ID created in the first step.


  1. Once done with adding parents to the family account, install the Ignore No More app on the child's smartphone with the same family account and select 'register it as child' option. It prompts Child's first name and last name. Fill the details appropriately.
  2. Finally, in order for Ignore No More! to control your child's device you must give Ignore No More! permission to be a device administrator. When prompted click "Activate." Now Ignore No More! can control your child's device remotely.

[More Information, HERE]

'Ignore No More!' app compatibility details:

Platform Google Android Apple iOS
OS version Compatibility Android v3.0 and later Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Version v16.0 v1.1
Size 10.6 MB 2.6 MB
Cost At Amazon.com:$5.99 (around €5.16/₹ 370) At Apple iOS iTunes Store: $5.99 (around €5.16/₹ 370)
Download link HERE (can be installed on Children's and Parent's Android smartphone) HERE(to be installed on Parent's iPhone to control Children's Android smartphone)Note: Company has confirmed to release iOS app to control Children's iPhone in March, 2015.