More and more people are going solo. Travelling that is. Amidst all the unvarying chaos where every day is about cracking meetings and following deadlines, taking a vacation alone is a big sigh of relief. Travelling on your own keeps the trip hassle free and adventurous, allowing a person the freedom to do what they want, how they want, and whenever. That's the beauty of travelling alone.

However thrilling, it isn't always undemanding as it seems. There are hundreds of risks staring you in the face. The moment one steps out of home, there are so many ifs and buts to think about. Plan well before a travel and minimize the possibility of getting into any kind of mess. Especially if it is your first solo trip out there. Here are some ground rules one shouldn't hesitate to follow.

  • Whenever there's an inclination to go visit a place where the language is unknown, it's safer to drop the idea. It is not such a smart move to wander around a new city with a guide book in hand, looking completely lost and trying to signal every time there's a need to communicate. If it really does seem irresistible, learn the language (at least the basics of it to help you get by) before planning a trip.
  • Be open to the idea of letting a travel agency/company plan your itinerary. This way, you get more time to enjoy rather than worry about every single detail that will have to be chalked out weeks before the trip.
  • Trust your instinct. This will help the most when there is no one around to guide you through a new place. Entirely avoid poorly lit places, isolated corners or any other place that looks shady. If you sense something wrong, get out immediately.
  • Make sure to keep friends and/or family updated. You don't want to get into trouble and have no one know about you. Talk to them at least a couple of times a day to let them know what's happening and that everything is safe.
  • It's always easy to move around and travel in a city where you've been to before. But, when visiting a new city, arriving during day time is always the smart thing to do. It gives a better idea about the place and is also more convenient to find a ride during the day. Keep all important contacts handy on your phone and also in a notebook in your travel bag as back up.
  • Don't be engrossed in a book! Reading is a great habit. But too much of it is a complete no when travelling alone. Going solo means too much alone time, amplified travelling, and indulging in a book might seem just the thing to get away from all the questioning local faces who think you're weird (even unfortunate) to be travelling alone in the first place! Ditch that book and utilize time to take in your surroundings.
  • Take a lot of pictures. It will make the trip more memorable and will also serve as a little agenda. So whenever travelling alone, you will end up appreciating miniscule things and self clicked pictures will serve as a great story for back home.

If time is channelized focusing only on the travel factor, it creates a once in a lifetime and incredible chance to discover oneself. So, go ahead, make the most of that vacation with these handy tips!