Gurbaksh Chahal
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From the way we do business to our day to day lives, IOT and artificial intelligence are playing a key role in every aspect, paving the path towards a brighter future. Gurbaksh Chahal is a serial entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist who is deeply passionate about using AI and IOT and is keen to see them improve consistently, helping achieve this through his company Taara.

IOT has gained an increasingly important role within this equation. From brand promotions and consumer engagement to automation and simplified user interfaces, it has slowly taken over all the sectors. Today, more than 7 billion devices are connected via IOT, while this number is expected to triple in merely 7 years. The airline, mining and auto industries are likely to become its biggest data generators.

While IOT creates data, our ability to process this data is directly linked to machine learning. Gurbaksh elaborates with an example, "For neural networks, we made a shift from traditional CPUs to TPUs, while cloud service providers are constantly improving their service. These challenges require a customized and industry-specific solution, and that's exactly what we specialize in."

Machine learning has a directly proportionate relationship to data science. The faster it progresses, the greater its impact on the latter. Gurbaksh explains, "Today, it's all about big data and how quickly and effectively we can process it. If machine learning evolves, it would have a direct impact on data science and processing capabilities."

Gurbaksh understood the importance of helping AI dependent businesses transcend their challenges. This is precisely where Taara helps bridge the gap, providing these entrepreneurs with the needed solutions to grow, expand and succeed.

Artificial intelligence is currently at a nascent stage, though it has a great deal of potential and may even revolutionize the world as we know it. Rapid progress is being made in the realms of machine learning & deep learning. Machine learning software has undergone significant research and development over the years. These hold the key to increasing the quality of learning algorithms, which in turn helps make the tools easier to use and understand.

AI and machine learning's progress is limited by sheer processing power. The development of computing infrastructure will play a key role in the years to come. While AI, IOT and machine learning are areas that are expected to evolve rapidly over the years, the need of the hour is to solve the challenges being faced by the entrepreneurs and businesses in these fields, tackling each problem will only bring us one step closer to ensuring their substantial development.

Gurbakh's initiatives and the work done at Taara will surely have far-reaching consequences in helping humanity understand, master and apply the true potential of AI and IOT. While he is pioneering the efforts to help AI dependent businesses face and solve their challenges, he feels that the key lies in exploring ways in which AI and IOT can help create new opportunities and avenues for growth, collaboration and success.