Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has a big job at hand in the summer.Reuters

Like all other Liverpool fans, I too boast of the rich and incredible history that the club possess. To be honest, Liverpool fans have to be content with history, for the present crop have failed to repeat the past glories. However, there is a serious need for Liverpool to win trophies for various reasons in the near future. 

With such thoughts, I sat down to watch the Capital One Cup final on Sunday, hoping silverware is just round the corner. Winning the Capital One Cup final could have silenced other clubs' fans, who have a habit of making a joke about Liverpool's history, and it being just that. Alas, Liverpool lost to Manchester City on penalties and messages from non-Liverpool fans flooded my mobile phone.

In some of those messages, there were some pertinent questions, though.

Why do Liverpool always pass the ball back, unlike other teams? Why are Liverpool forwards not able to score goals, despite getting chances? Why is goalkeeper Simon Mignolet so inconsistent?

Liverpool have been receiving similar kinds of results since Luis Suarez's exit, with the team coming nowhere near winning the title since the Uruguayan's move to Barcelona.

If Liverpool are to challenge for title, like they did when Suarez was going great guns, things have to change. There are some signs of that with Jurgen Klopp at the helm. But one has to remember that Klopp inherited a team that was put together by Brendan Rodgers and that transfer committee.

However, those silly mistakes at the back, the lack of creativity in midfield and lack of finishing continue to exist.

Liverpool, after the departure of Xabi Alonso, have never been able to replace the Spanish midfielder. Look at the players Liverpool have at present in the midfield – Emre Can, Jordan Henderson and James Milner. What makes you feel that they will win games for Liverpool?

They have the legs to do all the running, but lack creativity and passing nous, which is the number one priority if you want control the game from the midfield. The trio is, no doubt, good, but lack the class of a quality midfielder, who can thread those precise, mouth-watering balls, which forwards dream of. Remember the days of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard or even Suarez-Gerrard?

Though Liverpool have players such as Daniel Sturridge, Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho -- all of whom started in the Capital One final -- they are not consistent. They might look creative with their movements, but goals are what they fail to come up with. Liverpool have scored two goals in their last three matches in all competitions, including this final. 

However, the trio is always preferred by Klopp, for there are no other stars available. Sometimes, I wonder, why do I have so much hope from a club that looks so weak on paper compared to other "big" teams in the league.

There are no big names in the club. Klopp, to be fair is the biggest star in Liverpool, capable of attracting big players, and he now needs to sign some big players in the summer to bring that X-factor while playing crunch games.

One player that Liverpool need to replace is their goalkeeper, Mignolet, who is a great shot-stopper. That, though, is the only positive thing, which one sees in him. Goalkeepers need to give confidence to the backline and have a decent ability to control the ball with their feet. He has neither. Rodgers made a huge mistake by letting Pepe Reina go, because he could have been a star goalkeeper for Liverpool under Klopp.

Though the Belgian kept Liverpool in the game during the second half of the final, had he saved that Fernandinho's strike in the 49th minute , the result may well have been different. He makes too many errors during a game, which has cost Liverpool too many points this season.

The Belgian, luckily (read surprisingly) has been given a long term contract, but Klopp, after assessing his performances for Liverpool, should bring in a replacement in the summer. It should, in fact, be his number one priority.

Schalke's Joel Matip is one of the first big signings that Klopp has completed so far. But, Liverpool need players of utmost quality to strengthen team. Though Liverpool are decent at the back, if all their central defenders are fit, including Martin Skrtel and Mamadou Sakho, Matip will bolster their team next season.

Rodgers made a number of signings in the market, but only spent money on young players, who had "potential". His set of players failed to deliver, which eventually led to his exit.

Jurgen Klopp cannot go the same route, he has to dive deep and find gems along with some world-class players for next season. Though, I say world-class players, Liverpool fans have to undertsand that signing such players is not going to be easy. Owner John Henry might give Klopp a blank cheque, but players must be willing to come as well.

Why will a top, top player come to Liverpool? No Champions League football, being an obvious deterrent. The club's recent record also does not augur well, either. Liverpool have not been doing well in the Premier League as well. 

Rodgers, too, wanted world-class players, but failed to sign them. Klopp is also expected to face a similar challenge, but the German, being one of the most high-profile managers in world football, can use that to his advantage to lure world-class players.

With Klopp having great relations with his former players such as Marco Reus, the German international may come to Anfield, if his former manager comes calling. However, no Champions League football will always be a big deterrent.

Klopp has to win silverware next season, for which he needs to sign top players, though he still has a chance to win the Europa League this campaign. Liverpool have to focus on winning the Europa League title and with it booking their Champions League spot, because that will make their task of signing top players easier. 

For a start, Klopp and Liverpool have to defeat Manchester United in the round of 16. Easier said than done.