Thrillers are always great fun. Gone Girl both as a book and the Hollywood movie based on it was a huge hit. Thanks to the gripping plot and the twisted characters. Gone Girl has remained an example when it comes to thrillers. 

Bollywood has always bought into the thriller genre, and it's only recently that they're making huge strides in the genre. Thriller isn't easy to fashion, but if it's Gone Girl, the blueprint is bound to make sure you have a real thriller feast on your hands. 

Gone Girl made in India

If Gone Girl was made in Bollywood

When Gone Girl came out, it was because of the sheer extent to which Amy would go, that the book drew people in. Almost as if it was made on the principle, the crazier the better. Clearly, the formula worked. Few books have gripped audiences as Gone Girl could. 

Even if Gone Girl were made in India, of course, makers would first have to place the plot in an Indian context and frame it accordingly. Not just the setting, the cast, the complexities, the cultural references they would all have to be changed. So let's try to get at least one thing out of the way, the main cast. 

With a thriller like Gone Girl, it's all about characters who wear numerous masks. So you need actors who can wear multiple masks and make it seamless in their demeanour. Let's start:

Alia Bhatt as Amy Elliott Dunne:

Alia Bhatt
Alia BhattTwitter

Alia Bhatt had once expressed the desire to play Gone Girl and said she would love to play the part that's way off. Amy Dunne fits that description entirely, with her psychopath tendencies, her constantly working mind and never really knowing what she's up to. Amy is a more than grey character, obsessed, vengeful and deceitful. Alia Bhatt would pull off the role with panache considering she has successfully played numerous complex roles with ease. 

Ayushmann Khurrana as Nick Dunne:

Ayushmann Khurrana
Ayushmann KhurranaPR Handout

Nick Dunne which was played by Ben Affleck with some suave suits Ayushmann who's made for a role with a dual nature. Nick is able to throw people off, not as squeaky clean or innocent. The cat and mouse relationship that Nick and Amy share, is what keeps the book alive. Who better to make it come to life. The Ayushmann and Alia pairing will surely make the movie worth it. 

Kartik Aaryan as Desi Collings:

Kartik Aaryan
Kartik Aaryan

Now, Kartik Aaryan can easily pass off as the boy next door. Desi is not your average boy next door, he's got a saviour complex and control issues. The wrongly framed ex-boyfriend deserves an actor who can play a sweet as well as an impulsive character. Although this is very different from what Kartik has done in the past, Desi is a character not many can play yet may fit Kartik well. 

Kiara Advani as Margo Dunne:

Kiara Advani
Kiara Advani (source: Kiara Advani Instagram)

Kiara Advani would play Margo aka Go who happens to be Nick's twin sister, with whom she shares a close relationship. It would be interesting indeed to see how she pulls off the part as a loyal but intuitive twin sister. 

Abhay Deol as Tanner Bolt:

Abhay Deol
Abhay DeolInstagram

It's been a while since Abhay Deol has appeared on the big screen with a bang. The intelligent and slick lawyer Tanner Bolt is an ideal role for Abhay Deol who'll pull it off like it's nobody's business. In fact, it's hard to think of a better fit. 

Aamir Khan as Jim Gilpin:

Aamir Khan

Jim Gilpin is actually second fiddle to Rhonda Boney, and we know Aamir Khan usually would play the lead. Yet, one can still dream. Still, Gilpin is a character that grows on you. The seemingly forgettable Gilpin though is what keeps Rhonda's character shining, would he do it though is the question.

Divya Dutta as Rhonda Boney:

Divya Dutta
Divya Dutta at Raveena's jewellery LaunchVarinder Chawla

Divya Dutta would undoubtedly shine as Rhonda Boney, like the one trying to get to the bottom of the curious case. Somewhat of an alpha-woman, Divya Dutta's Rhonda Boney would definitely show us a strong female detective character, who would be formidable and smart all in one. 

Surely, this would be a Gone Girl remake we would never forget, imagine Gone Girl set in urban India, with a husband-wife pair with a sinister side leaving an endless mess in their wake. So much for obsession, this would definitely keep you on your toes. So what is Bollywood waiting for?