Cafe Madras
Cafe Madras, Mumbaiscreengrab

Imagine having a plate of idli for 20 paisa or a filter coffee for 15 paisa. You might think it is impossible these days, what with rising food prices? However, as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations, Cafe Madras in Mumbai surprised its customers by doing just that: taking them back to the 1940s.

As per the old menu, idli was served with sambar and coconut chutney for Re 0.20, upama at Re 0.20, masala dosa at Re 0.40 and filter coffee at Re 0.15. It has to be noted that the actual rate of these items are from Rs 35 to Rs 50 these days. 

Even without any kind of publicity, the restaurant saw a great rush on Wednesday, 25 November, after it slashed the prices. However, the offer was valid only till 1 pm. 

"To mark the occasion, we decided to have the menu of 1940s from morning to noon at the price it was back then. About a decade ago, a customer suggested the idea of having this special menu and prices from 1940 on the café's anniversary. It is only now that we decided to implement the idea to surprise our customers," said Devavrat Kamath according to DNA

Many customers have been sharing the photo of their unusual bill on social media. 

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