Inspector Dawood Ibrahim
Poster of "Inspector Dawood Inbrahim"Facebook/ Inspector Dawood Ibrahim

It appears like Malayalam actor Jayasurya's latest release "Inspector Dawood Ibrahim" (IDI) has to deal with many controversies every day. After reports that an actor who has acted in "IDI" was caught in connection with a drug case, rumours have started doing the rounds on social media that the film's director Sajid Yahiya insulted popular cinematographer Alagappan (also called Azhagappan) at the shooting location of the action thriller.

Reports had that Sajid didn't wish the cinematographer, who arrived at the location to meet Jayasurya. However, in response to the latest reports, the director has come forward with an explanation slamming the rumours through a recent Facebook post. "Azhagappan sir never visited the sets of "IDI" and this itself proves that it is a fake news. I started from scratch in this industry and have learned that a film is the result of the teamwork. Therefore, I have always tried to respect and love everyone in the industry [translated from Malayalam]," Sajid wrote. 

"Some people are intentionally targeting "IDI" by degrading it, spreading its pirated copies and now by creating fake news like this. Let me remind that writing such reports without even asking what we have to say is not an ethical journalism. People who personally know me understand that I do not behave this way to a person. But others might believe when media does this to get page clicks and traffic," the "IDI" director added.

Sajid has also requested the media to remove the fake news published about the director and posted a photo of the message sent by cinematographer Alagappan to him. "Dear Sajid Am sorry for the wrong news happened between us, don't worry and go ahead with ur new projects, all the best, Alagappan," reads the message by Alagappan.