Bucket Challenges
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The "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" encouraged people from every corner of the world to take a stand for a good cause.

Millions of supporters have come forward and a few countries have developed their own way of spreading awareness of the disease.

From "Ice Bucket" to "Rubble Bucket", the world is finding innovative ideas to spread good deeds all over.

The basic rules of all these challenges are similar, one has to donate a bucket of rice or pour a bucket of ice water/rubble on their head and must nominate their friends to do the same challenge wthin 24 hours and post the video on any social media site, else they have to donate money for the good cause.

Here are the popular bucket challenges that have gone viral through social media.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The first and foremost challenge is of course the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge", which was introduced to raise funds and awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease, that attacks the nerve cells leading to paralysis, though the patient's mind remains active.

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" went viral so fast that all the big names, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, many Hollywood celebrities came forward accepting the challenge. From overseas to India, many Bollywood celebrities also poured a bucket of ice water on their head and posted their video on social media.

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" has raised $22.9 million donation as of 19 August, according to the official website of ALS association.

The activity is still going on and the videos of celebrities accepting the challenge are going viral on the Internet.

#Rice Bucket Challenge

When "Ice Bucket Challenge" was going viral, India took a desi step by introducing "Rice Bucket Challenge".

A Hyderabad-based journalist, Manju Latha Kalanidhi, came forward with this idea of donating a bowl/bucket of cooked or uncooked rice to feed the needy, instead of wasting a bucket of water.

She made a Facebook page, which got over 2,000 likes within 24 hours and made her step viral all over the Internet.

Even some donors came forward with monetary help and now it is spreading in the whole country and to Indians residing all over the world. It is also expected to go viral like the "Ice Bucket Challenge".

#Rubble Bucket Challenge

When the "Ice Bucket Challenge" was going viral, the people in Gaza came up with the "Rubble Bucket Challenge" on Friday as their response to the former challenge.

Instead of pouring water, they use rubble for the challenge as they face water scarcity.

Last week, a Jordanian comedian started the challenge to give an awareness to people around the world about the condition of Gaza. Later, a journalist named Ayman al Aloul took it forward to reach to every corner of the world through social media.

Apparently, people are coming forward to raise awareness on the condition of Gaza by accepting the challenge. It is also getting a lot of public attention and social media users are trying to help the Gaza people through Facebook and Twitter.

#Fill The Bucket Challenge

Recently, Nepal introduced the "Fill the Bucket Challenge" in which one has to fill a plastic bucket with food and medical supplies. These items are donated to thousands of people who have been displaced due to landslides and floods this month.

There have been around 250 deaths and over 14,000 families are now homeless in Nepal. Apparently, this challenge has not yet gone viral, but is expected to reach people soon.