Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket ChallengeFacebook/Ice Bucket Challenge

A 20-year-old fugitive, wanted for violating terms of his parole, was arrested in Omaha on Friday after he posted a video on Facebook of himself performing the "Ice Bucket Challenge".

Jesean Morris, who was arrested for attempting assault in 2010, was released under a parole in March, according to The police officers were in search of him since then.

Morris, instead of donating money, performed the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and got into trouble. He posted the video of completing his challenge on Facebook, which was seen by a tipster. Thus the latter recognised Morris' house and informed the police.

The report says that the officers laid eyes on the wanted man and followed him as he went out of his house in his car. The police stopped him and started the interrogation, on which Morris gave a fake identity and birth date. He was then arrested on warrant and on suspicion of criminal impersonation as well as for assaulting an officer as he spitted on one of them.

The idea of his contributing for a good deed turned as a nightmare for him. The viral "Ice Bucket Challenge" has proved that social media can also get you in trouble. From the common man to big personalities, many have performed this task and stood for ALS disease. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a deadly disease that leads to paralysis.

Morris' video of pouring ice water on himself gave him hot burns of leading him back into jail. When searched on Facebook, neither a video nor a proper profile came up. It might be possible that the video or his profile has been deleted by the social media itself.

Jesean Morris Facebook profile
Jesean Morris Facebook profileFacebook/Jesean Morris