Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket ChallengeFacebook/Screenshot

An article claiming that a Chicago teen died while taking part in the ice bucket task has been proved to be nothing more than a hoax.

Sergio Cardozo reportedly died when the bucket he was holding fell on his head, and the entire incident was caught on camera by his friends. The bogus article was first posted on, a satirical website, and the people behind the article have even embedded a fake video to support their claim.

In the video, Cardozo is seen sitting on a chair with a helmet on, as two friends drop a plastic trash bin full of ice water on his head. Unfortunately, the helmet did not shield Cardozo from the fatal neck injury, the report claims, adding that the teen died on the spot.

The Huzlers report also notes that a number of people believe the death was an accident, as the two friends were only supposed to drop the water on him, not the entire bucket. But another section believes that the victim was wearing a helmet, thereby proving that the entire incident was planned.

"This challenge is getting out of hand" social media analyst Jane Mederich reportedly told the website. "The actual challenge of simply pouring ice water over your head is pretty safe, but people are going as far as dropping bins full of water over their heads and even pouring boiling water over their heads".

This report comes closely on the heels of yet another fake story stating that a woman died from hypothermia merely seconds after completing the ice bucket challenge. Reportedly, Latasha Brown died just 30 seconds after completing the task.

The ice bucket challenge has been gaining momentum in recent weeks, especially after a spurt in the number of celebrities taking part in the challenge.

Challenge creator Pat Quinn recently told the media that he is overwhelmed by the support the bucket challenge has gotten in recent weeks.

"It's been pretty incredible," Quinn said, according to USA Today. "We've raised so much awareness of ALS — and that's what we wanted. I couldn't imagine it would be like this. It's been unbelievable."