The International Cricket Council (ICC) is optimistic about the inclusion of cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Games. A recent report published in Cricbuzz has stated that the organizers of LA 28 will call the governing bodies of several sports disciplines to give a presentation on the same. However, it has not been confirmed if ICC has received an invitation for the same yet.


Although Wall Street Journal has reported that cricket might have waited longer to get a chance at Olympics, and Brisbane 2032 could be a fateful edition officials are reportedly confident of sports' inclusion in the LA 28. The ICC chairman Greg Barclay informed Cricbuzz that IOC has to decide in consultation with the LOC of LA 28. "All we can do is put our best foot forward and hope that cricket is taken into LA," he said.

Barclay further cited the growing dynamics of the sports and global fanbase of one billion-plus, which would be exciting to see cricket contested at the world's most significant sporting event. "We want our best players and most dynamic format to enjoy the unique global platform of the Games," Barclay was quoted as saying by WSJ.

Earlier, IOC announced the 28 Olympic sports in LA28's initial sports program, including sports like aquatics, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, etc. The spokesperson further informed that "Beyond the initial 28 sports, the organizing committee for the LA28 Games has the opportunity, but not an obligation, to propose additional new sports for inclusion in the LA28 Olympic program."


The governing council of LA28 and IOC will work with international federations to review disciplines with the evaluation criteria. Commenting on if the athletes' quota is flexible, the spokesperson said, "The IOC set the 10,500-athlete quota for the Olympic Games."

Although ICC faces stiff challenges in the process, the growing popularity of the sports in the United States of America and the allocation of the T20 World Cup, 2024 to America and West Indies are the two points which could work in ICC's favour. In August, even India is set to travel to the US to play a couple of T20Is against the West Indies.