Ian Somerhalder celebrates his 37th birthday on 8 December, 2015 (Tuesday). And things don't look quite great for the newest season of his CW series "The Vampire Diaries".

The latest buzz is that the actor will be following his former co-star and ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev's footsteps and quit the show too. Reports have suggested that there's a huge possibility of Damon Salvatore getting killed off on the show or "TVD" getting cancelled all together.

It has been reported widely that after Dobrev's exit, the show's rating have suffered badly. As we all know that Dobrev's Elena Gilbert was the lead character of the show since the very beginning and her chemistry with Ian's Damon Salvatore was attributing to the show's success. Now, with her exit from "TVD", it looks like things have become very difficult for Ian to pull off alone and that he will be forced to follow Dobrev.

Apparently, Somerhalder is really worried about the show's rating and he maybe consider quitting the show before it's cancelled. "I personally think everyone thought it was going to be a huge departure after Elena (Nina Dobrev) was gone. And I was one of those people. I thought it was going to be a huge departure for the typical formula of our show. By virtue of the fact that it wasn't a huge leap for mankind, as far as changing it up, there were some differences that sort of mixed up the formula," he said in an interview.

While pointing out the scene from the latest episode "Mommie Dearest", Kpopstarz reported that Salvatore may die in the future. But other reports have suggested that "when the show returns, we won't only be getting a Damon Civil War flashback, but we'll be seeing the character in almost every scene."

Well, now only time will tell if Dobrev's exit is actually going to decide the fate of Somerhalder and "The Vampire Diaries".