Netflix series V-wars is a fictional web-series based in America. The sequences in the series reflect a string of events scientists have faced in China. On February, BBC reported about Dr Li Wenliang, who was hailed a hero for raising the alarm about the coronavirus in the early days of the outbreak,  breathed his last due to the infection. His death was confirmed by the Wuhan hospital where he was being treated.

Following conflicting reports about his condition on state media. Dr Li, 34, tried to send a message to fellow medics about the outbreak at the end of December. Three days later the police paid him a visit and told him to stop. He returned to work and caught the virus from a patient. He had been in the hospital for at least three weeks. He had posted his story from his hospital bed on the social media site Weibo.

v wars

"Hello everyone, this is Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital," the post begins. It was a stunning insight into the botched response by local authorities in Wuhan in the early weeks of the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr Li was working at the center of the outbreak in December when he noticed seven cases of a virus that he thought looked like Sars - the virus that led to a global epidemic in 2003. The cases were thought to come from the Huanan Seafood market in Wuhan and the patients were in quarantine in his hospital. What Dr. Li didn't know then was that the disease that had been discovered was an entirely new coronavirus." 

V-Wars' resemblance to coronavirus pandemic

V-Wars, which released on 5th December 2019, sequenced a chain of events that we became familiar with when the scare had struck worldwide due to the coronavirus outbreak in China. 

If there's one thing that the American film industry has tried to impose on us, it is the idea that everything happens in the USA, be it an attack from aliens in Mars, a zombie outrage, or increase in the number of vampires. The creators of The Vampire Diaries even managed to link the 1864 Civil War to the attack of vampires and witches. Although the deadly coronavirus started in China, the impact was greatly felt in the USA and other western countries. 

V-Wars was another opportunity for Ian Somerhalder fans to see him back in a vampire series again. He begins his introduction as a scientist, an environmental activist who is widely concerned about the glacial meltdowns. Soon he is exposed to a threatening virus along with a friend, which leads them both to remain in isolation. While he manages to get cured, his friend turns into a vampire and develops the urge to feed on human blood. 

Ian Somerhalder plays the scientist whose life is perpetually under the threat of knowing too much about the deadly virus. He is even told to conduct his lab-experiments under complete surveillance of the US government. Every pattern of the outbreak in V-Wars reflects a lot of mentalities about COVID19 too.

The inability to keep oneself quarantined, the inability to understand the responsibility of being the carrier of such a potentially deadly virus, and the series go on. Ian here is a scientist, a vulnerable father, a dear friend, a law-abiding citizen and an environmental activist who sometimes breaks down when the law fails to see him as the protective father.

V-Wars was released at a time when the world had no idea that even in the 21st century they would have to witness a pandemic that would lead everyone to remain indoors. The vampire touch in the Netflix series worked as an added beneficiary along with the face of Ian Somerhalder, who over here, couldn't be a Damon Salvatore. 

Unlike other vampire-based series, V-Wars is not about human race versus vampire race, rather it is a story about the vampire race trying their best to expose the liars of the US government. They received support from Dr Luthan Swann, and secretly from Michael Fayne from the moors.