The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire DiariesFacebook/Screenshot

Ian Somerhalder recently gave fans a glimpse into season six of "The Vampire Diaries," when he posted online a photo of himself in character, along with a part of the script.

Season five of the vampire series ended with Damon and Bonnie, played with Kat Graham, stuck on the Other Side while it disintegrated. Since then fans have been worried about the future of these two characters, who were initially believed to be dead.

But on 5 September, Somerhalder posted online a photo that indicates that Damon is alive and well.

"Wow, it's started!" Somerhalder wrote in his Instagram message. "This is a screen shot, I'll probably get in trouble for it;) from the 1st episode. Hmmm, who am I talking to??? Here I am, doing some post production work on Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries with our INCREDIBLE post-production team. The post production team on this show is second to none- they, like our crew are the unsung heroes of the stories on screen that get seen by you! If anything please thank these amazing people and show them some love! Thank you! Love, Ian."

In August, Somerhalder had posted a picture from the sets of "The Vampire Diaries," showing Damon covered in blood. "I forgot how sharp those teeth are, those things are serious," he quipped to Extra TV.

Regarding the mental state of his character when "The Vampire Diaries" return, Somerhalder told Extra TV all Damon wants to do now is return home. And it's not just for Elena, the character played by Nina Dobrev.

"He just wants to get back homeā€¦ It's funny because it's not just about Elena any more. It's about his brother too," added Somerhalder.

The upcoming season will also explore the relationship of Stefan and Caroline, and spoilers indicate that it might not be easy for Caroline to win over the younger Salvatore. "She's going to realise it's a little more one-sided than she [Caroline] was hoping, and there's going to be some fallout from that," executive producer Caroline Dries told TVLine.

Season six of "The Vampire Diaries" will be aired on 2 October at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.