Fans of "The Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder and his ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev rejoiced for some time after they read a Twitter message of the actor confessing his love for her.

The message, which was posted on Tuesday, 15 September, read: "i lOVE U @ninadobrev".

However, the excitement of their followers, who are curiously waiting to see the former celebrity couple together, did not last for long as it was revealed that the 36-year-old actor's social media account was hacked.

The Twitter account of Somerhalder was reportedly hacked at around 7pm on Tuesday and the hacker apparently posted several hilarious messages on the page for about 20 minutes, according to Just Jared.

The series of messages, which began with "Iam so sorry", ended with a tweet informing the social media users that the account had been hacked. "hacked by @clou9nin3", a message read. The messages ranged from, "Mr Robot is a fantastic tv series" to "before I get locked out I just wanna say this has been a great experience".

But none of the messages are visible on Twitter now. So it can be assumed that "The Vampire Diaries" star deleted the posts from his social media page after realising that his account had been hacked. The last tweet on the page was posted a few hours ago and it is a good night message, which read: "Good night beautiful world... ;)".

Meanwhile, a reunion between Somerhalder and his former lover Dobrev seems unlikely as the actor recently spoke about his plans to have a baby with wife Nikki Reed. "It's the most incredible thing to be happy and secure in something. It's a pretty crazy time and place to bring a child into this turbulent and insane world — but I really can't wait to do it and really just love it," The Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying.