Ian Somerhalder
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"The Vampire Diaires" actor Ian Somerhalder and "Twilight" actress Nikki Reed might be the new couple in town, but not everyone appears to be happy with their budding romance.

Somerhalder and Reed's former partners are reportedly unhappy with the relationship as they have broken the unofficial boy-girl-code of not dating their ex's friends.

Reports have it that apart from being friends, Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev used to double date with Reed and her former husband Paul McDonald in the past, and now, Dobrev and McDonald not happy with their friends dating their exes.

McDonald is said to be "devastated," as he had every intention of rekindling his romance with Reed, a source told HollywoodLife.

"Paul is still totally heartbroken over the breakup. He loves her and always will. They still work together and are in contact. He tries not to ask too much about anything, but he's hurt. He had every intention of being with her forever," the source said.

Meanwhile, Dobrev has been posting cryptic messages on her Instagram account, and many believe these messages are targeted at Somerhalder.

"Pretty words aren't always true and true words aren't always pretty," read one message.

News of Somerhalder dating Reed broke after the two were spotted engaging in public display of affection at an LA Farmers' Market on July 20. It is believed that Dobrev too found out about the relationship when she saw pictures of Somerhalder with Reed on the Internet.

"They are definitely keeping others feelings close as they work on their decisions to start an exclusive relationship together," another source told HollywoodLife.

"They don't want to upset anyone. It is beyond baby steps right now between the two and Nina hasn't been told anything. But Nina isn't stupid either, she reads the gossip like the rest of us so she will know soon enough," the insider explained.

It remains to be seen if there is any truth to these dating reports and Somerhalder tweeted and then deleted a message stating that not everyone knows what's really going on in another person's life.

"Ummm, everyone – I hate to break it to you but… You have zero clue what really goes on in other peoples' lives," the tweet read. "It does you or anyone else any good at all to project negative energy out there. There is no harm here, I ask you to back off with your negativity, focus that energy elsewhere In a positive manner and let people live their lives. It's only fair. Thank you and good night."