Ian Somerhalder
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Ian Somerhalder's recent statements regarding his "The Vampire Diaries" character Damon's future has cast doubts on whether he was never really a fan of Damon-Elena romance.

Talking about how Damon's transformation in season 7, Somerhalder said that his character will go back to what he was in the first two seasons of the CW drama.

"That's what I'm very excited about," Somerhalder told Entertainment Weekly. "Season 1 and 2 of the show is where people fell in love with this guy; it's where I fell in love with this guy."

The time jump on Thursday's finale hinted that Damon will be in a dark and edgy place now that his girlfriend is going to be in sleep mode till Bonnie dies, and Somerhalder said that certain things Elena (Nina Dobrev) told Damon is going to make it easier for him to move on in life.

"It's time for the clouds to come to [Mystic Falls], and it's time to go back to that kind of storytelling that's what was so genius about this show," Somerhalder said. "The last two shots of this show truly depict where this show is going to be and we see characters moving into spaces and places we never thought they'd be."

The finale episode saw the main villain of the season, Kai, dying after ensuring the end of the Gemini coven, and the episode also introduced the antagonists for the next season – Lily's family, the Heretics.

"What's fun about [the heretics] is, in the same way that the Original family had a very unique and distinct identity, these heretics are people too, with deep, lush histories and vivid personalities and they're not just one-note villains," executive producer Julie Plec told the media outlet. "They've had loss and love and friendship and failures and all those things that make them really fascinating individually and I look forward to giving them all their own characterization."

"The Vampire Diaries" season 7 will return to CW this fall.