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Will Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham's co-stars miss them if they are booted out of the upcoming season of "The Vampire Diaries"?

This question was pondered by the stars through a hilarious footage that was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con panel of "The Vampire Diaries," where Somerhalder and Graham's on-screen characters, Damon and Bonnie, were shown as dying during the obliteration of the Other Side.

The skit opens with Damon and Bonnie walking into the light, following which Graham wonders, "Did we just get written off?"

Somerhalder replies that he has been killed off a television show before, and adds that this is not how it is done. The two then goes on to analyse the reasons that could have led to them being written off the show.

While Graham asks Somerhalder if he was a jerk on the sets, thereby trying to blame him for their characters' fate, the actor in turn hints that Graham stealing Candice Accola's turkey sandwich might have been a contributing factor.

Meanwhile, their co-stars appear to be happy that Somerhalder and Kat won't be a part of the show, with Nina Dobrev already knocking down Somerhalder's dressing room and Paul Wesley is shown wondering if Somerhalder's exit meant more money for him.

Finally, Somerhalder and Graham decides that they were written off because they're getting a spin-off. They call Joseph Morgan to tell him the news, who is displeased with the news.

"I will kill you and everyone you've ever met," Morgan says, following which Somerhalder tells Graham that only their fans could save them.

Season six of "The Vampire Diaries" will air on Oct 2 with a four-month time jump, where every character is shown dealing with the collapse of the Other Side in different ways.

Dobrev, who plays the role of Elena, said that her character has a weird way of grieving for Damon, and to a question on whether she will engage in rebound sex following his disappearance, Dobrev said: "If she did that, I feel like that'd mean that her experience and her love for Damon wasn't real."

Also, Dobrev dismissed the possibility a Caroline-Stefan-Elena love triangle. "How could she? That'd be so hypocritical," Dobrev said, according to Hitfix.

Showrunner Julie Plec also said she does not see Elena turning to Stefan for love.

"Right now the love between Damon and Elena is so strong and the friendship between Stefan and Elena has grown strong," Plec said.