Rakhi Sawant is known for hilarious videos and free-spirited attitude. She speaks from her heart and never feels shy in expressing her views. Even when she is not working on-screen, she manages to keep the viewers entertained through her posts. From entertaining shows to sensuous photoshoots, Sawant is a powerhouse of entertainment.

She is yet again making the headlines through her latest video which will leave you in splits. As the world has been facing the threat of deadly disease named Coronavirus, and scientists have been working hard to find a cure, our B-town entertainer has come up with a solution. Rakhi has taken the wagon and has claimed in her new video that is she's travelling to China to kill Coronavirus.
Yes! You heard us right. In her latest video, Rakhi Sawant has said, "I will kill Coronavirus." "Mai China Ja Rahi hu, Virus ko Maar Ke Aaungi," she added.

Rakhi Sawant

Watch this informative yet funny video by Rakhi Sawant!

Rakhi took Instagram to spread awareness among people about coronavirus. In the video, she urged people to avoid playing Holi, as according to her, many of the colours are made in China and can, therefore, be harmful. She posted a note on Instagram which read, "Dear All, Please note that CORONA VIRUS is very harmful and dangerous for our life. We request to take this seriously and try to take precautions from this. HOLI festival is coming and most of colour ballons and all products are made of china products. We never know from where this virus will effect us. Request you all to for atleast this year avoid to play HOLI and dont make any arrangement for same at your society or near premises. For 2-3 hrs enjoyment may take somebody life at risk.Please SAVE your Life and people surrounding you. Our premises need to kept clean and take measures to avoid outdoor particle or object or material that can create damage. Please dont make HOLI festival to play with someone LIFE.. ..kindly share this message to create awareness. "

After this video, she again posted a video claiming that she has killed the virus. "Bharat ki ek hi beti hai jo is virus ko maar saktu hai," she said. Watch her hilarious video now!

Although these videos are funny, we can't help but support Rakhi Sawant on this. It a crucial time and we all must make sure that we take all the precautionary measures against this virus.