Actor-comedian Gaurav Gera has been entertaining us for over two decades now. From TV, film to making his own content on YouTube, this versatile personality is a jack of all. The best part is you won't find his content vulgar or explicit. Even after 20 years in the industry, he has kept his values intact. Currently, Gaurav Gera is seen in Zee 5's web show, Bhalla Calling Bhalla. The series is termed a lockdown special where the actor is seen playing a pivotal role. The first four episodes of the show are out.
In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India Gaurav Gera spoke at length about his new show Bhalla Calling Bhalla, why he feels content is the king, his views on OTT and theatres feud, and more.

Gaurav Gera

Excerpts from the conversation:
On Bhalla Calling Bhalla,

This is a perfect lockdown show. When I was offered the show, Bhalla Calling Bhalla I was sceptical thinking will they be able to make it. When I started shooting, I was impressed by the way they made it. The highlight is that the actors have shot the series on their phone and their families are involved. The director has done a commendable job. Our director Deven Munjal made everything easy for us, for all the actors. He didn't make it look that difficult, it was a little complicated when we heard it but we made it happen. The show is relatable and of today's times. Every member of the family bonded with technology and video connection. Family feeling is at the topmost in Bhalla Calling Bhalla.

I play the role of a yogi (my name), he is unmarried and doesn't believe in relationships and marriage. How he connects with his family amid the lockdown is what the show is all about. I could connect to the entire situation and scenario as initially when the lockdown had started, I would do group calls with my friends. But with the lockdown getting extend day by day, we have stopped doing so. I religiously call my parents who are in the US and talk to family and niece.

I have been in this industry for over 20 years and have my limitations. I'm not a college student to create such content just for the sake of it. Using cuss words or abusing just because it's cool. I am not in favour of this. Having said that I watch them but I am not fond of it. I have seen other content creators go beyond all this and that's their choice, I am no one to comment on the same. However, I don't want to use such language in my videos personally. Talking about the web show is now getting better. Just showing sex, nudity and Galli doesn't work. We have surpassed all this. Now the content that is shown is informative and real.

 On YouTube Vs TikTok feud,
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Yes, I have an opinion, but I haven't said anything. The only issue I have is that Tik Tok is a chinse app, that's the only objection. Having said that creating content on the YouTube is tough because you just don't create content, you have to keep the script in mind, get the editing done and then use appropriately edit it as well. Very few YouTubers are doing well rest of the content is cringe, it also depends on what you view. I follow a TikToker who is a farmer and he shares some delightful things about crops, vegetation and many more motivational and inspiring things. If you watch cringe content then you can't complain about the platform. Both YouTube and TikTok have good and bad content.

On OTT vs Theatres,
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“Billi Masi Family in Dubai “ .. This was vacation in Dubai .. Feb 2017 .. made lotsa videos .. dint save videos .. and just let them vanish in 24hrs that is just in stories / Snapchat .. but never compiled them to make a longer story .. like I normally do .. Coz I was Angry with Dubai ( how can u be an upset with a country ) ? par Mai tha So it was all well planned .. a week in Dubai .. .. this my first trip to D .. So all things prebooked .. visit to “ Burj Khalifa top “ .. HOHO bus .. miracle garden .. Atlantis hotel .. regular touristy places .. swanky service Appartment .. coz took seniors from my family plus one younger cousin .. they prefer home cooked meals at least once a day .. so kitchenette was a must .. only thing .. when checked in realised .. all bathrooms had raised bathtubs .. so wasn’t very senior friendly bathrooms .. not easy for them to climb .. ( tip if u travelling with seniors in ur family ) we managed So with me were MoM Dad , Mausa Mausi , Mamaa and Mami ( 70/ 80 yrs olds ) and Karishma .. my cousin sister .. do travel with seniors from ur family ek alag type ki khushi milti hai .. and u get loads of Ashirwads All was beautiful , they have huge malls , , good food , visited beautiful Miracle garden .. the weather in Feb was great .. not too Hot Met my Dubai based friends , Saw Musical Play , Ladies loved Meena Bazaar .. Coz there was Gold everywhere ? .. my Maami who otherwise felt tired and would walk slow .. could suddenly see quirk in her stride at Meena Bazar .. ? and I was thinking kahan gayi Oldness ? Horror happened at the Airport .. So after a wonderful Time In Dubai .. 8 of us checked in for the flight.. so thought of ME time at the airport (was always around them ..throughout the D trip) .. boarding was in about 1 hour 20 mins .. I asked them to wait at the gate .. I had some 180 in Dhirams went to Duty Free to Buy liquor.. Picked up some bottles .. Paid 180 Dhirams ? and thennnnnnnnn This Guys at the Counter whispered .. tear this 50 dhirams Note .. I dint understand .. I asked “ excuse me “ .. he said it’s a Fake note .. I said I can pay by Card or in dollars ( that’s what I would do here in India ) CONT.

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I knew this from the start that eventually everything will be digital. Just because of coronavirus things have preponed. It is better you give the content to OTT and earn money rather than the film getting released in theatres and then getting leaked online. Yes at the moment theatres will be at loss for some time even after the things normalise because people might be scared to venture out. I don't want to buy popcorns worth Rs 1800, watch goons fight on the screen is not why I would like to go to the cinema hall, rather I watch it on the web. Yes, if there is something like Avaatar or a sci-fi film then its okay to invest money on watching a film in a multiplex. After saying this I may not get a role in movies (laughs).

 On Shopkeeper and Chutki video,
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It is been five years since I am making those and now I have stopped because there are close to 1200 to 1300 videos. I don't want to repeat the content over and over again. So now I have moved to another family. I am happy for the love that my fans have bestowed upon me till now.