Shah Rukh Khan's Kal Ho Na Ho is one of the most iconic movies that talked about embracing happiness with open arms, whenever you get a chance. Written by Karan Johar, this movie managed to win the hearts of millions of Indian. From brilliant songs to quirky characters revolving Naina (Priety Zinta) and Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) lives, everything was weaved, perfectly. One of the most memorable characters was played by Delnaaz Irani as Sweetu, Naina, the protagonist's best friend.

Sweetu, was a light-hearted character which managed to brighten the screen. Whether it's her love angle with Franky or her silly little mistakes, Delnaaz made sure that she does justice to the role given to her. Talking about the movie with Zoon, Irani opened up on how does it feels to be a part of such an iconic movie.

Delnaaz and Shahrukh

Sweetu was a great push for my career

Sharing fond memories of the movies Delnaaz said, "It's been so many years but it seems like yesterday. It was such a great experience... It was a turning point, everyone needs that one big push in one's career and I guess that was the one for me. The movie was superlative, I couldn't have asked for a bigger introductory break in films."

"A very veteran actor told me there are few characters, supporting roles, like Kaliya or Saamba in Sholay, you will l go down in the history as Sweetu and there are so about 20 such characters and you will be one of them... and it's such a big thing," she went on to add and reminisce her KHNH days.

Sweetu in kal ho na ho

Can't stop looking at SRK

No one in the world is unaware of the aura created by the King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Sweetu, was not only mesmerized by Aman in the movie but was also in awe seeing Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan working along her side. Talking about the same, Delnaaz said, "I was just looking at him and the way he would move around the set and all of that. Each move, I would just observe." I mean who wouldn't be hypnotised with SRK present around him, right?

Kal ho na ho

It's been 17 years and still, Dharma Productions Kal Ho Na Ho remains close to the heart of many people. The story of Naina. Rahul and Rohit were enjoyed by most of the Bollywood buffs. Iconic dialogues like '6 din Ladki in' to 'Tum sirf Meri Ho Naina' monologue, brought KHNH closer to audience hearts. In the dark times, we are living right now, I would just like to say that enjoy each and every moment you have got and cherish it, Kya Pata, Kal Ho Na Ho.